Monday, June 4, 2018

Sunday 6 June 3

Hi and welcome to another "Sunday 6!"  I'm a day late and a dollar short!  At least I made it!  Please feel free to link up a blog post about 6 random events from your week.  They can be school related or personal!  Just use my provided images and link back to my blog with your post.  Have a great day!  *NOTE:  THERE WILL NOT BE A SUNDAY 6 NEXT SUNDAY, JUNE 10, AS I WILL BE TRAVELING.

Last weekend for Memorial Day, Mr. Wheeler and I had a little cookout in our backyard.  It was just the two of us.  We mulched our front and back yards and did some housework, too.  

My last day with students was Tuesday after Memorial Day.  One tradition that I have is to have my kids leave me notes on the whiteboard.  I don't read them until after they've gone.  I always love seeing what the write.  Loved this little girl's sweet message:

Any "Fundations" users out there?  This summer, I'll be working on many supplemental resources to go with the first grade/level 1 program.  The first two things I made (Trick Words Book and Trick Words Word Wall) are already in my shop and are linked below.  Just click the cover to grab either of them.

Every May, I feel like I let my house go to sh** because of the chaos that is the end of the year.  I spent my first day off cleaning like a maniac!  I love our 90 year old original wood floors, but I don't love cleaning them!

Mr. Wheeler and I took our first big bike ride of the season together yesterday!  We went 21 miles.  The wind was brutal, but the heat wasn't too awful, thanks to said wind!  We love riding in the summer!  I see many more rides in our future!

Did you snag this freebie yet?  For those of you still in school, I'm sorry.  But maybe this freebie will cheer you up!  Click the cover below to grab it and hang in there!  



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Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Fundations. I find the program pretty dry and could use some new ideas!

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