Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday 6 May 27

Happy Sunday and welcome to another edition of "Sunday 6!"  If you'd like to link up with me, please do so at the end of this post.  Just use my included "Sunday 6" images.  Have a great week!
 This past week I taught my kids how to put words into ABC order.  I used Lori's ABC Order Bundle (spring pack) for this.  The kids really caught on quickly!

 I was surprised by a super fun teacher appreciation gift from two of my best friends (whom I met through blogging and TPT)!  Look at this adorable string art sign that Monica (Lil Bits of Mona) made for me!  I loved the hand written notes from her and Squirrels!  So thoughtful.  If you're a parent and have kids in school, a teacher sign would be an amazing end of the year present!

Speaking of end of the year gifts, look what one of my students surprised me with!  The sweet mom follows me on Instagram and knew I loved pineapples.  Such a thoughtful gift bag!  I will miss this little guy for sure!

 I've been slowly preparing my end-of-the-year bags for my kids over the past few weeks.  On Friday, I stayed late at school to fully assemble them.  Many people have asked what I include in the bags, so here's a rundown:

1.  My "Summer to Second Grade" review pack-pages printed off and mini skill books printed off.
2.  A fun pencil from Michael's-These were $5.00 for 24 of them.
3.  A Junie B. Jones book
4.  My "End of Year Bookmarks" customized with each child's name
5.  A __'s a 2nd grader stickers from Creative Teaching Press

Everyone will also get an "I'm on Summer Break" sticker to wear home Tuesday!  These are from A Teachable Teacher.

I shared these certificates on Instagram and many people said they'd like them!  There are 3 options plus color versions for you in the download.  These will be fun to leave on your students' desks on the last day!  Click HERE to get them for FREE.

I'm sharing this again because I thought you might need something for Tuesday about Memorial Day.  Click HERE to grab the mini-book and a few other goodies to use with it in class.


PS: Let's add a #7 this week:


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