Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pilgrim Day

One of my favorite annual traditions in my 1st grade classroom is "Pilgrim Day!"  Pilgrim Day is a day (or few days) spent living like the Pilgrims did and learning about life long ago.  We wrap up our learning with a field trip to a local historical society park where students get to experience even more of what life in the past was like.  Below is an outline of everything I do for Pilgrim Day!

We begin our study of life long ago with this long ago/today sorting activity shown below.  After we complete the sort together, we do the matching cut and paste worksheet that's included.

We read two great books about life for a pilgrim boy vs. a pilgrim girl.  They are shown below with affiliate links.


We do another sort about the things boys had to do and the things girls had to do.

We "hunt" and "gather" using our baskets and/or bags.  The girls have certain foods they have to gather and the boys have certain animals they have to hunt for.

We read a mini-book about Pilgrim children.

We write on chalkboards during Phonics/Fundations time...this is always a blast!!!  *I got my chalkboards from a craft store years ago.  

We make butter and I spread it on crackers for the kids to try.  They also take the recipe card home.

Here's another sort about kids today vs. Pilgrim kids.

We play "Pilgrim games."  A favorite is naughts and crosses aka tic-tac-toe.  We also tell riddles and tongue-twisters.  

We watch the Brain Pop Jr. video about the first Thanksgiving as well as make Kindergarten Smiles' Pilgrim crafts!  So adorable!

The above activities and many more are included in my best-selling pack, "Pilgrim Day," which is shown below.  These activities are great to do the two days prior to Thanksgiving break.  We have the whole week of Thanksgiving off, so we will be completing the activities towards the end of this week.  I'd love for you to check out "Pilgrim Day" below!


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday 6 November 11, 2018

Hi and welcome to Sunday 6!  This is a post where I share 6 random things from my week.  Enjoy!

Last weekend, Mr. Wheeler and I went to see Chris Young, Dan and Shay, and Morgan Evans.  It was a good concert.  Chris Young was headlining but I will have to say that Dan and Shay stole the show!  They are so, so, good!!!!

The leaves changed quickly here in Ohio and we had a ton of rain/wind/cold temps last week.  All the leaves are down  now, but luckily I snapped a photo of them before they fell! 

I love baking.  I especially love baking in the fall and winter.  One of my favorite things to bake is this chocolate chip banana bread.  I made it last weekend and it was so yummy!  I always give a plate to our neighbor and some pieces to my first grade co-workers at school!  If you'd like the recipe, click HERE

We did quite a bit of crafting last week!  We made Pilgrim children and turkeys.  We are off the entire week of Thanksgiving, so I had to hustle to get some projects in!  The Pilgrims are from Kindergarten Smiles and the turkeys are from Crafty Bee Creations.

I wrapped up conferences last week.  We have them for 2 Thursday nights and 1 full day Friday.  I was so glad to have them over with for another year!  Again, I felt thankful to have my conference pack.  It keeps me so organized!!!  You can check it out below.  It's the #1 best-selling product in my TpT store!!

I have no idea how, but I decorated my entire house for Christmas last weekend!  It took me about 8 hours on Sunday.  The reason it takes so long is because our house is 1,100 sq. ft.  which means putting TONS of stuff away in order to put the Christmas stuff out.  It's a major process.  But I love it!  I'm still searching for some things to add to my mantle to give it more height.  I'll search for something next week when I have the ENTIRE WEEK OFF!  WOO HOO!  

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sunday 6 November 3

Hi!  Welcome back to another Sunday 6!  Last week was insane with Halloween and conferences!!  Yikes!  Here's a wrap-up of my week!  ***Remember, you can add your own blog post below if you are interested!  Just use my images and link up at the end of this post!!!
As I mentioned above, last week was pure insanity...most of my week was consumed by conference prep!!  Thank goodness I had my conference pack to get me through.  The kids completed a self-assessment which I've used for years.  It really is a nice way to start the conference off before jumping into academics.  Surprisingly enough, the kids are very honest (well, most of them, anyways)!!

I went to Cyclebar the day before Halloween.  It was a "Halloween" ride.  I assumed that meant dress up.  I even messaged the instructor and asked if we were supposed to come in costume.  She said "Yes, for sure!!"  So I scrambled in the basement and pulled out an 80's costume.  I was the only one in costume.  Out of 50 some people.  Thank God I didn't wear the mullet wig.  #awkwardbuthilarious

For school dress up day, my student teacher, one of my teammates, and myself all dressed up as Green Eggs and Ham.  The kids loved it!!!!!!!!

Also on Halloween, for part of our "party," we did my pumpkin taste test from my "Fall Taste Tests" pack.  The kids enjoyed most of the pumpkin treats!  I couldn't find a pie at the last minute, so I grabbed some pumpkin pie ice-cream, which was a hit!  On the back of our papers, we wrote about our favorite pumpkin food!  These taste tests would be great this month as well.  I purchased all the food items at Trader Joe's.  Click below to grab the printables!

Also for Halloween, I had a themed-message for morning meeting.  We played BINGO, made a fact family haunted house by Primary Inspired, watched a Halloween movie, and ate some more snacks.  It was a fun day for sure!

Next Sunday is Veterans Day.  I always enjoy teaching my students about this holiday.  My dad is a Veteran of Vietnam.  We will be reading some picture books, completing the mini-book, and doing the poppy craft.  These items can be found in my Veterans Day pack, which is shown below.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday 6 October 28

Hi, friends!  In an effort to get back to blogging weekly, I'm bringing back my "Sunday 6" blog posts!  These posts are compiled of 6 random things from my week and include both home and school!  Remember that you are welcome to link up at the bottom of this post!  Please use my "Sunday 6" images and link back to me in your blog post if you choose to write one!

Here's a wrap up of the past week!  Enjoy!

Last Friday, we did not have school, so Mr. Wheeler and I drove to Nashville for our annual trip.  We always get a Friday off in October and each year for the past probably 5-6 years, we've gone down to Nashville for a long weekend.  This year, however, Mr. Wheeler's mom met us in Nashville.  She lives in Minnesota part of the year and California the other part.  She'd never been to Nashville before, so we had a blast showing her our favorite spots!

 My kids have been busy practicing their phonics skills in centers!  I've loved having my new "Wilson Fundations" game packs to use.  If you aren't familiar with my packs, these are supplemental packs that I began creating over the summer.  They go with Level 1/1st Grade Fundations units.  So far, I have 9 units made.  I am really enjoying seeing the progress my kids are making during centers as they practice the skills I've taught them in class.   To check out these supplemental games, click the cover below!  *The games are bundled but are also available for INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE if you'd like to check one out before committing to the entire bundle.

Please Note: *This file is an independent product and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Wilson Language Training Corporation. Wilson®, Wilson Reading System®, Fundations®, Just Words®, and Wilson Fluency® are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of the Wilson Language Training Corporation.

Mr. Wheeler and I went to an annual caramel apple-dipping at our local, gourmet grocery store.  We each got an M & M caramel apple!  They were delicious, as always!!!

Last night we went to a friend's house for her annual Halloween party.  We took a veggie tray and brownies.  Her theme was "Game Night."  Unfortunately, our t-shirts (Cards Against Humanity) didn't arrive in time so we didn't dress up.  We still had fun!  Look at the hostesses costume!  Can you guess the game she was?

A few of my kids still aren't remembering to turn in their homework, so I created this visual PPT.  I project it in the morning so when they come in, they get a little reminder!

Thursday begins conference week!  I've been getting prepared this weekend.  I like to have everything ready so I don't stumble over my thoughts/words!  I am so thankful that I have my "Conference Pack" to keep me organized.  This is a top seller in my TpT store, and you can check it out below!  If you already own it, be sure to go re-download it.  I gave this pack a major update about 2 weeks ago!