Thursday, February 26, 2015

Common and Proper Nouns Freebies

Hi, friends!  A few weeks ago, I taught my students about proper nouns.  I referenced my "Capital Letter" anchor chart that I made in the fall.  I also made a new anchor chart {shown below}.  We watched a Brain Pop Jr. and played some games and did a sort.  The sort is a freebie I made last year or the year before.  I also made a game for my kids to use in class with simple common/proper nouns on it.  I thought I'd share it with you today.  Just click the picture below to snag the sort and game for free!  Enjoy!

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Monday, February 23, 2015


Hi, everyone!  I am so excited to announce the TpT winter sale!  It's a "Teachers are Heroes" theme, which is super awesome!  The sale will be one day, February 25th only!  My whole store will be 20% off and TpT will give you an extra 10% off using code "HEROES" at checkout!

Here are a few suggestions of things you might like to check out during the S-A-L-E!

1.  Sight Word Resources--I am a sight word fanatic!  Sight word fluency is so important for children learning to read!  I have a plethora of goodies for sight words in my store.  Some of my favorites are: Sight Word Stampede, Magnetic Sight Words, and Sight Word BINGO.

2.  Writing Workshop Resources--Growing up, I was always interested in writing.  I would keep diaries, journals, correspond with pen pals, and more!  I have definitely carried my love of all things writing into the classroom!  Writing Workshop is my favorite subject to teach my kids and you will see that a large portion of my store is dedicated to it!  My favorite units are: Poetry, Non-fiction, and Animal Research Reports.

3.  Guided Reading Resources--Small group time is so much fun!  I have my Master's in Literacy and hope that maybe someday I will transition out of the regular classroom into a Title I spot.  I have lots of Phonics activities in my store and most recently, my Guided Reading Bundle was added.  I am SUPER EXCITED for this!  When completed, there will be 9 units {levels pre-reader through K} full of activities to do with your guided reading groups.  These units are not leveled texts.  They are activities, games, and printables to use as supplement to your groups.  You can purchase them individually as they are released or snag the growing bundle for a big discount ahead of time!  The price will go up sometime soon, so snag the deal while you can!

4.  Center Resources--I have a Math and Literacy center set for just about every month.  These center sets are perfect for spiraling skills with your first graders.  St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and the March center pack is perfect for it!  My centers are also bundled to save you some money.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hi, everyone!  As you may or may not know, I am a collaborator for "A Classy Collaboration" blog. We recently decided to do some re-branding and are proud to introduce our new design and name! We are now "A Spark of Inspiration."  To celebrate, we're having a freebie hop along with a grand prize gift card at the end of the hop!  You DO NOT want to miss out on the chance to win that BIG grand prize!  Thanks to my pal, Jenny from Luckeyfrog's Lilypad for sending you my way!

Today I am offering a sample from my newest project, my Growing "Guided Reading Bundle" for first grade.  The bundle will eventually contain 9 units and be over 1,000 pages of resources to supplement guided reading in first grade.  This pack will cover guided reading levels Pre-reader through K.  Currently, the Pre-Readers and Levels A-B units are complete.  The other 7 units will be added as I finish them and the bundle will be complete by late spring/early summer.  This set is on sale temporarily so check it out and grab it while you can.  You can snag the freebie by clicking below!

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Best of luck on the big grand prize!


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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tenzi: A Bright Idea

Hi, friends!  It's time for another Bright Ideas Blog Hop!  I always look forward to these events, and I hope you do, too!  There are so many great ideas!

Today's post is all about a fun game that I discovered last year.  It's a dice game called Tenzi.  It is seriously the most fun thing ever.  I stumbled across it at a toy store around Christmas time and it was half off.  It had one of those "Best Toy Award" stickers on it so I figured I'd give it a shot.  Holy Moly!  I did not realize what a hit it would be!  I introduced it during inside recess one day and the rest was history!  It became a staple in my weekly Math tubs,  during inside recess, and for early-finishers.  I ended up getting lots more sets because it is just that good of a game.  So how do you play?  Each player gets a set of 10 colored dice.  You say "Ready, Set, Go" or whatever you want to initiate the game.  Everyone rolls all 10 dice and looks for a number that they have the most of.  They then keep the ones they want to keep and re-roll to get more of the number they are going for.  The first person to get all 10 the same yells "TENZI!"  It's seriously so fun.  I play all the time with my kids!  To check out the game, click HERE.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Five for Friday 2.20.15

On Saturday, I went for my monthly Dream Dinners prep.  This is a place where I go to prep meals for the month.  All meats, spices, sauces, etc.  are there.  I simply follow a prep card and throw the meals in ziplock bags.  It's been such a life-saver!  I started last April and have gone every month.  I have convinced many of my friends to join, too!  To see if there is one in your area, just click here.

My bestie got me Breaking Bad on DVD {Seasons 1-2} for Christmas.  My hubby and I started watching it and can't stop!  We are almost through Season 3 {we were able to find it at a used DVD store}.  It's so good!  Do you watch it?  It's on Netflix, I hear.

Hubby and I went "home" {my hometown} to visit my brother, sis in law, and baby niece on Sunday. She is such a cutie!  We had brunch together and spent some time visiting and playing with the baby. Luckily, they live just an hour and a half away, so we get to see them often.  Here we are taking selfies!

Snow, snow, snow!  I've been hitting the gym regularly despite the frigid temps and buckets of snow! My weekly goal sticky notes seem to help!  I posted about them on my Instagram and people liked it. Basically, I set a weekly goal each week for workouts.  I put that number of sticky notes on my mirror and each time I go I remove one.  It helps me stay on track.

Here's hubby scraping my car for me.  He always does this for me when I have snow days or delays. Such a good boy!

I used one snow day to finally finish up my "Level A-B" guided reading pack!  Remember that this is part of my "Growing Guided Reading Bundle."  As I complete each unit, you'll get access to them by going to your TpT account and re-downloading.  If you've purchased the bundle, please head to TpT to re-download and get levels A-B.  If you haven't seen this, you can check it out below!  People have been loving it so far!  Thank you to all who have purchased it!  It was on the "Top 100 Best Selling Products" last week.  

Have a nice weekend!  I'll see you tomorrow with a little surprise!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TpT Helpful Hints

Hi, friends!  Today I thought I'd take some time and dedicate a post with some helpful TpT hints.  I know that when I first started purchasing things on TpT, I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing! As time went on, I slowly figured out some tricks and important things.  Below are a few tips to make your TpT experience easier!

1.  Downloading Revisions to Purchased/Free Products: It's important to remember that TpT creations are made by people, and people make mistakes.  Even though we the sellers edit our products, things get missed.  When someone brings an error to our attention, we are usually quick to fix it and upload a "revision" to our product.  You can tell if a product has a revision by going into your "MY PURCHASES" section of your TpT account.  Scroll through and see if anything says "Newly Revised Re-Download" in red.  If this is the case, you'll want to re-download the product and replace it with the old file you've already downloaded.  Sometimes the seller will leave a comment below the red font about what they did to revise the product.  I always look at those to see if I really need the newly revised product or not.  Although revisions are oftentimes made for errors, they are also made when sellers give their older products face-lifts!  You don't want to miss out on extra pages/activities that were added and/or updated graphics.  I always recommend checking your account for revisions.  I go through and check mine about once a month.

2.  Leaving Feedback: We sellers are very conscious of the product feedback we receive.  I read  I love hearing what other teachers think of my products.  I also am always welcome to constructive feedback.  My products evolve and I take tips from other classroom teachers on ways to improve.  Although it takes a little extra time, consider leaving thoughtful feedback.  While leaving a :) or a "thanks" is quick and easy, it's not very thoughtful.  I really enjoy hearing how you use the product in your classroom!  I always tick the "Email me when the seller responds" box just in case someone writes me back.

4.  Always Download Previews: It is important to download a preview for a product you are considering purchasing.  Many times, the preview will show you exactly what you are purchasing.  If not, it will show you some examples of included things.  The preview usually gives you a glimpse of the sellers' work.  It is also very important to read the full product description before purchasing something.  Sometimes sellers get feedback that say things like, "Not what I expected" or "Not going to work for 2nd grade."  Most sellers are very careful about adding grade levels and descriptions of exactly what's included.  Skipping over reading the description could cost you money.

3.  Feedback=Credits=Free Money: Did you know that each time your purchase something and leave feedback, you are earning credits to TpT?   These credits turn into dollars!  You get 1 credit per $ spent on TpT.  Every 100 credits is worth $5.00.  To see how many credits you have, click on "MY TPT" on the top right corner of your home page {once logged in}.  Under "MY ACCOUNT," it will say "TPT CREDIT BALANCE."

I hope these tips make your TpT experience a little easier!  What other things would you like to know about TpT?  Leave your questions below if you have any!