Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday 6

Welcome to another edition of Sunday 6.  This is where I share 6 random happenings from my week!  Enjoy!
I turned the big 4-0 this week!  It was a wonderful day full of surprises and fun from start to finish.  Mr. Wheeler surprised me with diamond earrings and cooked me breakfast.  Then once I arrived at school, my friends/teammates had a cinnamon roll and coffee for me.  I received lots of thoughtful gifts.  My students colored a "Happy Birthday" page in my honor (the page was created by a friend and was a surprise).  The staff members in my building all wore black in honor of me!  Hahaha!  Such a special birthday that I will always remember!

We celebrated New Years in class with some special activities.  The "2021" paper activity was quick, easy, and fun.  The kids LOVED making their "Wishing Wands."  All students were thrilled to see ring pops on their desk to "Ring in the New Year!"  To grab the crafts, click HERE and find them linked in my New Years post.

I bundled my best-selling Blending Cards today!  Several of you have asked for a bundle to save some $, so here you go!  The bundle includes all 5 packs of my blending flashcards.  I love these for all sorts of things...Guided Reading, early finisher activities, assessments, and to send home with parents/caregivers for extra practice.  Click the cover to snag the bundle!

Below, I was using them as a game called "Find the Sticker."  To play, place a few flashcards facing outward in a pocket chart.  Hide a sticker behind some of the cards.  Call kids to come up and tap out a word.  Once finished, they can check behind the word for a sticker.  Finding a sticker equals a special prize or piece of candy!  SO easy and FUN!

A new week means new literacy centers!  This week I introduced my CVC Sign Language center to my kids and they did fantastic with it!  They loved trying to "crack the code" and figure out the words.  Grab the resource by clicking the cover below.

I organized all of my "I Have, Who Has" game cards into this rainbow organizer from Michael's.  I purchased some labels from TPT and placed each set of game cards into a box.  I love having all of the games in one spot!

Here's a peak at my New Years version of "I Have, Who Has."

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Have a great week!

Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year's Ideas

Hi, friends!  Happy New Year!  I think we can all agree that we are ready for 2021!  2020 is a year we will NEVER forget!  Today's post features some fun and simple ideas for New Year's that you can do in your classroom or with your children at home.  Upon returning from winter break, I like to have my kids ease back into things with some FUN!  Included in that fun are a few New Year goodies.  

First up, read-alouds!  I've found that there really aren't many New Year's picture books for kids.  I've had the same two for several years and this year I found a third to add to my collection.  You can grab the books shown below by clicking the affiliate link HERE.  

Squirrels New Year's Resolution-This is a cute story about a squirrel who hears about New Year's resolutions on the radio and is curious about them.  She visits her friends to get some ideas and find out what their plans are for resolutions in the new year.  I won't ruin the surprise by telling you what Squirrel finally chooses as her resolution!    

The Night Before New Year's-This is another book in the best-selling "Night Before..." series.  The rhyming text is always a hit with kids!  The illustrations in this book are super cute and include all the traditional New Year's horns, party hats, toasting, resolutions, and more.  

New Year's Day-I am super excited to add this to my collection this year!  Praise for a non-fiction picture book!  This book is one of the "Celebrations in My World" series books.  There are books for just about all holidays within this series and I'll definitely be adding more to my personal library!  This particular New Year's book includes a table of contents (HELLO TEXT FEATURES!) with sections on various topics surrounding New Year's such as: New Year's Eve, Resolutions, Parades, and more.  I can't wait to share this book with my students next week!

I made a few graphic organizers to go along with the books.  You can grab them for free by clicking the cover below!

I found this cute BINGO game online this year and have it prepped and ready for my kids to play next week!  Click HERE to grab it.  

I have my New Year's Literacy Centers prepped and ready.  I have always done literacy centers (with kids in small groups) and this year centers are continued.  However, they look much different with kids visiting their centers independently.  This takes a bit more planning on my part but it's worth it!  We are hybrid, so I have a group of 8 and a group of 9.  Each group comes every other day.  Several of my kids go out of the room for RTI and the remaining kids are in the room with me.  It's a 30 minute time block.  The kids that are with me have centers.  They visit just one center each day they are at school, and they unfortunately have to be independent at their center.  Most of the time the centers are review from our FUNDATIONS lessons.  I use my supplemental games pack for this.  Occasionally I throw in seasonal centers.  

We will also be playing I Have, Who Has: New Years edition.  My kids and I love playing these games together!  I Have, Who Has is a fast-paced game that builds vocabulary.  It can be played with kids sitting on the rug in a circle OR kids sitting at their desks.  

We will be making these "Wishing Wands" on Monday as well.  The kids select a few things they wish for in the new year to add to their wands.  Then they cut the star out and tape it to a wooden dowel rod.  I added a little curly ribbon for a festive touch!  This wishing wand was a free download I found on TPT.  You can grab it by clicking HERE.  

As the kids arrive on Monday, they will choose a coloring sheet they like to color.  My kids eat breakfast in the room, so giving them morning work this year is out of the question.  A coloring page motivates them to finish their breakfast faster.  These coloring sheets are a free download in my TpT shop.  You can grab them by clicking the cover below. 

I found this cute 2021 confetti paper craft that we will be doing at some point in the week.  I just printed the year out, which can be found HERE (by Simply Visual on TpT) and cut up some AstroBrights paper (affiliate link) into small squares.  The kids will glue the scraps into the numbers and cut them out.  They'll glue them onto a piece of black cardstock (affiliate link).  This will make a cute and simple hallway display for January!

Finally, I'll be passing out these ring pops to my kids at some point in the day.  I bought a bag of 20 ring pops on Amazon.  Click HERE for the affiliate link.  I made little tags that I stapled on each ring pop.  You can grab the tags by clicking the cover below.  

I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!  Thank you so much for all the support you've given to my blog and TpT shop over the years!  

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Christmas Ideas

Hi, friends!  If you're on winter break, I hope you are enjoying it so far.  If you have to work this upcoming week, I am SO SORRY!!  Your break will be here soon!  This post is a bit late, but managing teaching, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of myself this year is about all I can manage.  Blogging and creating new products have taken a back seat.  Today's post is about my favorite time of year....CHRISTMAS!  I'll be sharing some tried and true crafts/projects in case you are in need of things to get you through this week.  If not, pin the ideas to your Pinterest boards for next year!

This first reindeer craft is from First and Kinder Blue Skies.  I love the simplicity of it!  You can make them as a glyph if you want!

A favorite holiday book of mine is Santa's Stuck.  This Santa craft by Crafty Bee Creations is perfect to go with it.  It also comes with an optional writing page.

Also by Crafty Bee Creations are these gingerbread people.  The patterns make large gingerbread people and they are super cute!  The best part?  This craft is FREE!

I haven't made these for years, because they are a bit intricate for first graders, but they are definitely fun and hip!  These techy Santa's are by Tunstall's Teaching.  I love the iPad Christmas list that accompanies the craft.

This next reindeer craft is one of my favorites!  I started doing it with my class a few years back.  Unfortunately, I can't find the digital version of this.  Also, I have no idea who made it.  If it's your creation, let me know so I can give you credit!  All I can seem to find are the patterns in my December box.  

These paper plate wreaths are fun and festive and make such a cute display!  To make, cut the center of a paper plate out.  Use green tissue paper squares and cover all of the remaining plate.  Trace the kids' hands and form a "bow" with them.  Use hot glue to add "berries" with pom poms.

The Grinch is a great craft to do before/after reading the book or watching the movie!  I got this many years ago from a seller who had to pull it down due to copyright issues, but I am sure you can find a similar craft on Pinterest.

My kids always make an ornament to take home.  I often have them make craft stick ornaments because they are fairly simple and the pieces are easy to manage.  The year, we made Christmas trees again.  To make, have the kids paint craft sticks green.  Once dry, hot glue them in a triangle.  Add a trunk.  *I used copper glitter foam that I found at Michael's.  Add a star.  I used silver and gold foam stars from Michael's.  Create a loop with a small piece of ribbon and hot glue it to the top.  Use craft glue or hot glue and have kids add mini pop poms.  Write each child's name and the year on the back with a Sharpie.

Another fun and classic ornament is a craft stick reindeer!  

Speaking of reindeer, these handprint reindeer are a cute idea for an ornament, magnet, or decoration.  I haven't done them in several years, but they are on my list of great crafts!

Looking to plan a holiday party in your classroom?  Check out my best-selling party pack!  Loaded with goodies for an exciting day!

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