Friday, September 23, 2016

Five for Friday 9.23.16

We made it!  Another week down!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday!  *{I swear I had the best of intentions with blogging this week, just didn't happen.  I am hoping to force myself to sit down and write a few posts this weekend.  I have lots of pictures but have had no energy!}

I got a diffuser for my classroom...I thought it would help keep the room smelling fresh!  I just tried it at home last night {or so I thought--apparently I just had the nite-lite portion on!  No wonder I couldn't smell anything!}.  I'll try it again this weekend and then take it to school next week.  This one is from Amazon and you can get it by clicking the third picture below.


When I was at Target the other day, I spotted these and had to do a double-take.  Right back to 1990. When I wore these.  The 90's trend is coming back and I am NOT A FAN!  Been there, done that! Who's with me?!

Centers were fun this week!  *The kids esp. loved the stamping and fishing centers!

I always make one center a review of the previous week's Phonics skill...we've been working on short vowels so I threw in this simple game.

The Desk Fairy visits us once a week and leaves a treat for tidy desks!  This is something I do weekly the first few months of school to ensure that kids learn to keep their desks organized!  These cards were a freebie in my monthly newsletter this month.  Did you get them?  If you aren't signed up, be sure to sign up via email at the top of my blog!  

I love Dr. Jean.  Still.  After 13 years!  A few years ago, I bought her Lap Book & CD Set.  I use them just about every morning during Morning Meeting!  We sing a song/read a book together with the CD.  It's so much fun!  Our favorites are "5 Little Monkeys" and "Birdies."  Get your own set by clicking below.  You and your kids will LOVE IT!  


Have a fabulous weekend!

*This post contains affiliate links.  The reviews of the products linked are my original thoughts.

Friday, September 16, 2016

5 for Friday 9.16.16

TGIF!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday!  I love these posts and have been sad that I haven't had time to do them lately!  Here we go!

I recently posted a "Where Are We?" poster set to help with letting others know where you or your class is throughout the day.  Just hang outside your room and have your helper switch the card when you go somewhere!  Also included in this little ditty is a "What We Have Today" poster to help eliminate kids asking what special you have constantly!  Click the cover to check it out.

We started centers {finally} this week!  The kids have been having fun at the listening center, the Ipad center, and a few word work centers!  This week we used centers from my "Back to School BBQ" pack.  The pack contains simple centers that beginning of the year first graders should be able to complete independently.

I made this little band-aid box for my kids so I don't have to be the one getting them a band-aid every time they need one.  The only rule?  They have to ask and show me their "injury" first.  9 times out of 10 it's as big as a pinhead and isn't bleeding.  Can't be wasting band-aids!  #bandaidlockdown  The Vaseline and Q-tips are in there for chapped lips.  This eliminates the kids going to the clinic.  *I am the only one who can dip into the Vaseline for the kids.  Can't be having double-dippers!

We have had 3 Spelling tests so far this year and the kids have been practicing each Friday with one of my activities from my "Spelling on the Fly" pack.  I keep copies of each activity in a labeled file folder for quick access!  The kids LOVE the texting practice!!!

This summer, I began a workout log.  I record every day that I work out and include what body part I worked and what cardio I did.  I also log how long I did each activity.  This keeps me accountable!  I found this picture in my phone and thought I'd share the idea because it's been helpful!  I ended August with 17 workouts, which isn't too shabby considering school started the second week of the month!  I will keep this log all year.

Have a great weekend!

PS-Have you seen Stella and Dot's new Fall line?  Isn't the tassel necklace gorgeous!?!?!?  {excuse the awkward selfie} Wear each strand individually or wear them both together for a BIG statement! Get it HERE.

And I wear my "REBEL PENDANT" all the time.  Such a great, everyday piece.  Get it HERE in gold, silver, or Rose gold.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Book Character Day With Oriental Trading

I recently had the opportunity to work with Oriental Trading again!  This month it's all about Book Character Dress Up Day {and some Halloween fun, too}!  Did you know that Oriental Trading has a GREAT costume section?  I know, right?!  I had no idea.  We have our dress up day each October in lieu of wearing Halloween costumes.  It seems like I am always scrambling around last minute to find a good costume for it.  I put together some book character ideas to give you ideas for simple costumes and I'm posting EARLY so you can start thinking about your costume!

The Three Little Pigs-I found a pig costume that would be perfect for this.  You and your teammates could get together and dress up as a group!  Don't forget to have someone be the big, bad wolf!


The Cat in the Hat-This is always an easy, go-to costume for someone at our building!  Don't feel like creating your own?  Grab the one from Oriental Trading HERE.  And another idea for teaming up with your teammates is Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Grab the wig HERE.  Get a red tee and add the number to the front and you're set!


Fox in Socks-This was my favorite book as a kid!  I still have my original copy...although it's tattered and the spine is broken!  Grab a red boa from Oriental Trading, add a sweatsuit and some long socks and you have a simple costume!  *If you are really feeling festive, grab this fox costume and add some socks!


Fancy Nancy-This is a super fun character costume!  Pick up the tiara, boa, and tutu from Oriental Trading and piece together a perfect costume!


Splat the Cat-Pick up some cat ears from Oriental Trading to begin assembling your costume!


The Paper Bag Princess-Grab a cute crown from Oriental Trading and add a paper bag.  You're good to go!

The Day The Crayons Quit-Oriental Trading has a good selection of crayon costumes!  Just add some tights or leggings and you'll be ready in no time!  You could even get together with your teammates to do a few different colors of crayons!


Pete the Cat-I did this with my teammates several years ago and we had such a fun time!  Oriental Trading has many pieces {that I wish I'd known about} to make the perfect costume!  Grab a guitar, colored glasses, and a blue boa.  Add a sweatshirt ears, a tail, and some shoes and you're ready!  I even found these adorable tennis shoe favors to give your kids!


Want to know what I'm dressing up as this Book Character Dress Up Day?  You'll have to wait until closer to Halloween to find out!  I will say that I DID get my costume from Oriental Trading!  

PS--If you're doing a little party this Halloween, check out these fun game/party ideas!  Below is what I got from Oriental Trading!

How fun is this candy corn bowling set?!?!?!?!  My kids are going to FLIP!

 And how about Inflatable Ring Toss {witch hat style}!?!?!?!

As always, I'll be making my kids Halloween treat bags as a gift from me!  I picked up some orange jack-o-lantern bubble sets, Dracula teeth whistles, and treat bags for this.  I'll add some candy and a book and be all set!

If you're looking for a party snack ideas, HERE is a great link that includes free ideas!  I always make the "Witch Hat Cookies" to go with my "Little Green Witch" book companion pack.  And I plan on making the "Monster Munch Popcorn" as a snack for our party!  The kids will LOVE the eyeballs!

I hope you found some ideas on this post!  I've included affiliate links for the books to go with the costumes.  Oriental Trading sent me free products in exchange for a blog post.  I pieced together the costume ideas myself.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Color Words!

During the first couple weeks of school, when I am mostly focusing on teaching procedures and routines, I also spend time reviewing some kindergarten skills, including color words.  One of my favorite books to use for this is Mouse Paint!  Over the years, I have found some fun activities to go with it!


We read a poem called "Paint Puddle" each day.  It's usually our first poem of the week.  We make these fun mice!  Grab the free pattern for them HERE.  Kathy Law has some fun printables to go with it for free HERE.  She also has a board game for sale {that I somehow missed} HERE.

Also perfect for colors and color words is Pete the Cat!  Again, Kathy has some fun FREE printables to go along with the book that you can grab HERE!      


I recently created my own "Colors" pack.  It's full of 12 fun activities that can be used whole-group, in partnerships, or as literacy centers early in the year.   You can check it out below!

Here are two of my favorite activities from the pack:  a sentence scramble and magnetic letter spelling!

Preview of all activities included: