Monday, August 22, 2016

First Week of School Ideas

I made it through!  We began the year with a FULL WEEK.  It's always rough starting out that way, but I am glad it's over with!  Do you start with a full week?!  I don't remember always doing this...anyhow, I'm here today to share what we did during the long week!

I always ask my teammate to take a picture of me on the first day of school.  Cheesy?  Maybe, but I have pics from all of my 13 years!  Here I am looking fresh before I turn into a drowned rat due to running around the room all day.

Every year, Mr. Wheeler sends me beautiful flowers on the first day, reminding me to have a great year!!!  This year's bouquet was gorgeous!!!!

Our classroom library isn't yet open, but I always get books from the public library to put out for kids to browse.  We spent about 5 minutes each day reading quietly.  The library will open once we've gone over the procedures and rules for it.

We made a first day of school mini-book.  I used School Supply Addict's Visual Direction Cards {one of my favorite TpT purchases of all time}.  Grab the mini-book in HERE.

Grab the visual direction cards HERE.

The first few weeks of school, I give my kids Play-Doh breaks!  They need them as we ease back into school.

We read Chrysanthemum  and did a wrinkled heart activity during the story.  We all signed the heart, promising not to hurt one another.  On day two of this book, we watched the DVD and made our own Chrysanthemums.  These activities are included in my "Back to School Activities" Pack, which you can grab HERE.

We read How to Lose All Your Friends and completed our first class book, "All About Our Class." Get it FREE HERE.

We reviewed cafeteria behavior/expectations.  We colored our lunch ladies pictures to decorate the lunchroom {and used our NEW markers!}.  Get the coloring sheets HERE from Teacher Idea Factory.  We read Table Talk by Julia Cook.

I introduced Mr. Potato Head and we talked about earning compliments.  Grab this freebie from Recipe for Teaching HERE.

We read First Day Jitters, read a poem, completed our first written response, and drank some Jitter Juice!  Find the writing paper and MUCH MORE in THIS awesome back-to-school pack!

We played this back-to-school game and worked with partners.  Get it FREE HERE.

We played a game from my Number Sense Math Games pack and busted out the dice!  We also had a long talk about how to appropriately roll die.  LOL!

Grab my best-selling Number Sense Math Games HERE.

We played Denise's "Welcome Back Bump" game!  This is always a hit!  Get it HERE.

We looked at and took home our NEW data binders!  See more about my data binders HERE.

We learned how to play "I Have, Who Has."  Grab the back to school set HERE.

We read my favorite book of all time, Corduroy, talked about being a good friend, and made these cute bears!  Grab the patterns HERE.

We read "How Full Is Your Bucket?"  and wrote our first friendship notes to one another.  Grab the free notes HERE.

One the first day, everyone left with a first day certificate!  Grab them for your class HERE.  Editable version included so you can add each child's name!

I also gave out a few "Positive Notes!"  The kids were grinning and cheering on their classmates!  So cute!  Get them HERE.  *ESL version in my store, too!

We learned some of my "Classroom Management Callbacks," which the kids of course LOVED! Grab them HERE.  

On Fridays, we can dress down.  I wore my new "Ohio Teacher" tee from "Teaching is a Royal Adventure."  Isn't it awesome!?  She has lots of states.  Click HERE to see if she has yours!

My new teammate brought me a donut and left a cute note!  She's the best!  I am so relieved to have a fresh, new person on the team!

And, per usual, I left for the weekend with everything laid out, in order, on my back counter for Monday!  I can't function if my things aren't ready for the following day!

To grab any of the books shown in this post, click below {affiliate links}.


 Start a dice box like the one I have:

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Classroom Reveal 2016-2017

Hi, friends!  We are a week into the new school year!  Today I am going to be revealing my 2016-2017 classroom!  Hope you love it!  *Everything that I made/bought will be linked throughout in case you want something for your room!  Enjoy!

I'll start with some before photos...they say it takes a village to set up a classroom!  Hahaha!  I enlisted help from my wonderful mother {who is a retired 4th grade teacher and knows a thing or two about setting up a classroom} and my hubby of 10 years who also is familiar with the work it takes!! My mom and I have an annual tradition of setting up my room!  She has come to help me for 13 years now {my entire teaching career}.  She is such a great helper.  I am so fortunate to have her come!  The tradition is something I look forward to every year!

So I am just going to do a photo dump because....well...I took A MILLION PICTURES.  They are not in any order.  And there may be duplicates!  So bear with me!  

So I switched up my theme/colors a bit this year.  I used to have mostly red, yellow, and blue {think Lakeshore Learning Store!} and a circus theme.  This year, I switched it up to red, yellow, black, and turquoise/light blue and a Movie theme of sorts.

Here's the class Instagram board.  This is where I will be printing pictures of the class {what we're up to} and putting them on the board.  The board is from Teach Create Motivate.  Obsessed!!!

Classroom resources to use during Writing Workshop.  I made these myself to match my movie theme {except not the color words--I found them on TpT a LONG time ago!}.

Ok, so this picture is driving me CRAZY.  See how the awning is not centered on the white board?  I have since centered it.  This little area is for where I will hang all the pictures that my kids write to me!  I got the white board at Costco last year for $20.00.

Target Dollar Spot ABC signs!

 Big book basket!

Meeting area, poetry board, and student computers.  See all those file tubs in the corner?  Those are full of JUST HOLIDAY stuff that I have for each month.  Let's not discuss the other 10 million tubs and file cabinets full that I have...more on that later in the post!

I got a new easel this year from Really Good Stuff.  It's pretty small BUT it's magnetic, which is why I wanted a new one.

Lakeshore Learning bookshelf {behind my desk}.  Right now, it's just for papers to be filed, copied, etc...but I am sure it will be full of books soon because I clearly have a problem with buying children's books, which you will see later in the post!

 Student computers!

Library area!  Always my favorite part of the classroom!  The blue bins on top are for Guided Reading group supplies, which we won't be starting for a few weeks.  Get the library labels HERE.

These are just my "general" supply bins.  I have always organized by skill, which makes looking for what I need an absolute breeze.

Classroom mailboxes.  This is from Really Good Stuff {many years ago}.  I have each slot labeled with a binder clip and number.  The kids each have a number for their mailbox and cubby.

The library and Math tool kits {bottom shelf}.  Grab the labels HERE.

The library and some literacy center materials.

Fresh data binders ready for the new group of kids!

Bookshelf by door!  I have always kept a small bookshelf by my door.  It's so handy for setting down things that need to go to the office, etc...Our birthday bags are also ready!

Reading buddies for Quiet Reading time!

My personal library...books the kids don't touch!  I have it sorted by read-alouds, rhyming, holidays, Writing, SS, Science, Math.  Makes pulling a read-aloud out super simple!

Poetry board!  See how I teach poetry each week HERE.

Large bulletin board area...this is split in two for student work and Writing Workshop resources{anchor charts, rubrics/etc}.

Listening center area!  Remember when I picked up that piano bench off the side of the road this summer?  Well, Mr. Wheeler painted it for me!  Makes a great little listening center table!  Grab my free recording sheets HERE.

Word Wall!  So I have been a HUGE advocate for an interactive word wall for most of my teaching career, but we just don't have any wall space in our classrooms {yes, yes, we have tons of storage BUT no wall space because of it}.  This year, I removed my word wall from the whiteboard and placed it on my cabinets.  I'm not sure how I will like it, but I needed a Math area on my word wall. See all of my word walls HERE.

Alphabet with a movie theme!

Math area {former word wall area!}!!

Homework Club!  I try to utilize every area of my room.  This is the front of my desk.  Read about the homework club HERE.

Rug is from Wal-Mart.  Computer stools are from Ikea.

Back counter--this is where I keep all of my copies/read alouds/games/activities for the following week.  I sort them into tubs by subjects, not days.  I find this to be easier to manage.  Before I leave school each night, I lay the materials out, in order for the next day.   Such a great thing to do!  PS-I made that star banner...thanks, Target Dollar Spot!  I changed the ribbon and painted the stars.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!