Friday, April 24, 2015

5 for Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  Hope you had a great week!  I sure did!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another 5 for Friday!  Here we go!

I posted "Vowel Teams Jeopardy" last weekend!  There are actually 2 games included, so that all vowel teams are covered.  Click below to check it out.  You can always get the Phonics Jeopardy Bundle, which includes: cvc, magic e, vowel teams, blends, digraphs, and bossy r.  I'm going to add one more game to it and then the price will go up.  You may want to snag it before the price increases!

We had a lot of fun learning about Earth day and ways to care for the Earth this week!  Some of the fun things we did are shown below.  We loved making Miss Kindergarten's Earth Day craft, doing writing and centers from my Hooray for Earth Day pack, playing an Earth Day board game from Teaching with Love and Laughter, and watching and reading The Lorax.

I may have visited Orange Leaf twice this week.  Or possibly three times.  Not sure.  But it was excessive.  Do you have one near you?  Stay far, far away!  It's addicting!  *Sidebar: Let's notice that I was wearing shorts and a tee one day and later in the week, a sweater with a COAT.  Ohio weather=awesome and unpredictable.

I am having a #teacherwishlist linky party.  Click HERE to see what I have on my wish list for the upcoming school year!  You can write your own post and link up, too!

I treated myself to a pedicure on Monday after school.  Mainly b/c my toes needed painted and I didn't feel like doing it.  #purelaziness #teachertired  #endofyearisdraining  {Don't look at my forklift foot...Honey Boo Boo, anyone?}.  I had surgery on my left big toe last summer.  I hate that my big toes aren't symmetrical anymore}.

Have a super weekend!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Prepositions.  We learned about them last week.  I was scared.  Some of the CCSS intimidate me.  Is anyone with me here?  I mean, some skills are just cut and dry but others overwhelm me with the how will I teach this in a way that my first graders will understand it thought.  We got through it and my kids can now identify and use prepositions.  I thought I'd share what I did to teach this with you. Here are a few ideas/resources!

I introduced prepositions with these free picture and word cards from my friend Michelle at Teach123.  We also watched THIS You Tube video.  As the week progressed, we read some of the picture book shown above.  One of our favorites was Rosie's Walk.  We made a list of all the prepositions we found in the book and then created our own Rosie hens {inspired by The First Grade Parade}.  We wrote the prepositions found on her feathers.

We also made this cute little preposition book from my friend Jen at Teacher by the Beach.  The kids loved making up their own little stories about their bumblebee!  *I just used a clip art bumblebee and attached it to the back of the book with a piece of tape and yarn.

One other activity that we did is play "Pass the Can."  We used some noun clip art cards that I made. The can went around and each person chose a card and said a sentence aloud using a preposition. The class had to listen carefully and say the preposition they heard in each person's sentence.  Simple but fun and engaging.

I hope that you found some good ideas here!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Teacher Wish List Linky

Hi, friends!  It's that time of year when we begin thinking ahead to NEXT year!  One of the things I do to get ready for next year is begin assembling a "wish list" for my classroom.  It seems like I am always seeing new and exciting things that would be great in my classroom.  Pinterest and Instagram are the best for finding out about new products!  My favorite shops for BTS shopping are: Target, Lakeshore Learning, Dollar Tree, and Learning Resources.  I'm having a linky party and I'd love for you to link up below with things that you'd like to have for your classroom next year.  It will be fun for all of us to get some new ideas!  They can be hard goods or TpT products!  You can link up below. Just grab the button!

Here's my growing list:

1.  Number Line Slider Boards from Lakeshore-I would LOVE to have 30 of these but that would be almost $100 and that is not happening, so I will settle for 1 set!  I know these would be great tools for Math facts!

2.  An ungodly outrageous amount of Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils-They are the best.  'Nuff said.

3.  Tabletop Hardwood Blocks-Master Set from Lakeshore-I've been trying to find some new ideas for my dessert tubs and blocks would be perfect!

4.  Soft Seats from Lakeshore-I would LOVE to use these during quiet reading time!  I might order just a few and use them as incentives for students on task.

5.  Play-Doh-I get new play doh every year.  We use it daily for brain breaks and also in Literacy Centers!

6.  Fine Motor Super Pack from TpT-This looks great!  Simple centers for beginning of the year.  Students can always benefit from fine motor practice.


I'd love to see what you're wishing for!  See more about how I get ready for next year over at A Spark of Inspiration.  Just click the image below!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friendship Notes-A Bright Idea

Hi, everyone, and welcome back for another "Bright Ideas Linky Party!"  I hope you had a great week and have some fun things planned this weekend.  I'll be visiting with a friend from high school as well as having my parents come into town!   I'll also be working on the next unit in my  "Growing Guided Reading Bundle!"  So excited!

We are a PBIS school.  One way that we encourage our students to treat each other with kindness is by having them write kindness notes to their friends.  We have personalized paper that we use, but you can use scrap paper or a template that you make.

The kindness notes are small notes that students write to one another to make themselves and the receiver feel good.  They are notes that build each other up.  We write kindness notes regularly the first semester. I distribute sticks with student names on them and pieces of paper.  The students keep their kindness notes in popcorn buckets that I have below my white board.   Every two weeks or so, we check our buckets and take our notes home.  As the year progresses, students begin to write the notes when they finish their work or have extra time.  I have a kindness note station set up in my room that includes markers, pencils, kindness note papers, and name sticks.  The students grab a stick and write a note to a friend.  Lately I've been encouraging students to look at the popcorn buckets to see who may need a note.  Kindness notes are a great way to build community in your classroom.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

5 for Friday

Hi, everyone!  I can't believe the week is almost over!!!  I have been EXHAUSED all week from my trip to Florida last week!  I'm looking forward to sleeping in and getting some good work done this weekend, particularly for my "Growing Guided Reading Bundle!"  Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased the bundle already!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday today.  Here we go!

So speaking of Florida, I won't have time to do a separate post so here are a few pics from my trip!  It was SO amazing.  I relaxed to the MAX!  No work.  No blog.  No nothing.  Just me, my hubby, and the beautiful sunny skies.  I must relax more often!

I had my "sort of final" orthodontist appointment this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Scheduled the removal!  I can't wait to eat lots of chewy things and run my tongue across my teeth!  The pearly whites will be making their appearance soon...Granted this is the 4th time I've had braces, but I am OVER THEM. For real.  Forever.  I cross my heart and promise to wear my retainers this time around.

We launched into "Opinion Writing" this week and my kids have been killing it!  It's been so much fun.  Look for a more detailed post about it next week!  In the meantime, check out my pack below:

I've been thinking about the end of the year and............summer!  I'm sure I'm not alone here!  To see how I prepare for the end of the year, click HERE!  One thing I do is get my kids' "Summer to Second" bags all ready!  This is the best gift that I can give them at the end of the year!

Finally---stop by tomorrow for a BRIGHT IDEA from myself and over 100 other bloggers!

TGIF, friends!