Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday 6 June 17

Hi and welcome to this week's edition of "Sunday 6."  This is a post where I share 6 random happenings from my week.  It's also a linky party, meaning you can write your own "Sunday 6" post and link up at the bottom of my post!  I'd love to have you join!

Last week Mr. Wheeler and I went to Florida.  Before we left, I got a pedicure!  It was much needed.  I hadn't had one since fall.  I have a love/hate relationship with them...I love how they look at the end but hate the process.  I am always worried the worker is going to cut me or hurt me.  LOL!

Our trip to Florida was a working vacation.  My parents bought a new house down there and needed help getting moved in.  We painted, mulched, cleaned gutters/the roof, landscaped, shopped for furniture, organized, hung pictures, tore light fixtures down, was an exhausting week!

I was nervous about seeing their new house, because they had their other house for over 15 years and I loved it so much.  However, the new house did not disappoint!  I especially love the aloe plant and PINEAPPLES GROWING IN THE BACK YARD/GARDEN!!!!!!!  Obsessed.

I only got "cleaned up" once while we were down there.  I brought so many cute clothes and accessories, but didn't end up wearing them.  BOO!

We made it to the pool for a total of 3 hours the entire week.  It killed me not to go every day and lay out for hours on end, as that's what we usually do, but we had to get work done!

We were going to go to the beach one day, but there was red tide so.........However, we went in the evening to a different beach and collected shells.  Does anyone else love doing this? 

Looking forward to our next trip down to my parents' that doesn't involve so much work!  Have a great week, friends!

Mrs. Wheeler


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