Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Muffins for Moms Event

This year we had our 3rd annual "Muffins for Moms" event with our first graders.  It's always such a fun event!  I tried to snap some pictures, but it's always a mad dash to set up because we use our cafeteria and they serve breakfast in there every day.  We have about a 30 minute window to set up for this!  To prep, we order muffins and juice from our district's food services department.  In the past, we have brewed our own coffee but this year we got "Box of Joe" coffee from Dunkin.  Having the coffee already brewed saved us TONS of stress!!!  The Dunkin boxes come with cups, cream, sugar, stirrers, and napkins.

When the moms/aunts/grandmas (1 guest per child limit) arrive, we have them start with their food.  Then, students begin to work on a special art project with their family member.  The project is an interview page all about mom/aunt/grandma.  They glue it inside a large, folded piece of construction paper.  On the outside, they color and glue a muffin cutout.  The cutout is from Teaching in the Tongass.  The *FREE* interview pages are from Teaching With Love and Laughter.  Links to both are below.

As kids are finishing up their projects and everyone is finishing their food, they head over to the photo booth.  We use photo booth props from Amazon (affiliate link below). 

We had to remove this inappropriate prop from the photo booth!!!!!!  However, we thought it was appropriate for the teachers so we snapped a photo!!  LOL!

The event is always a hit!  We look forward to it each year!



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