Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday 6 May 20

Happy Sunday and welcome to another "Sunday 6" blog post!  Feel free to link up your own post, sharing any 6 things from your week (personal or work related).  Just use my images and link up your blog post at the end of this post.  See you next week! 
We took a field trip to the pond last week!  It was great fun.  The kids each got their own nets and we were trudging through the pond catching all kinds of things!  This was my favorite field trip of all time...even with 14 years of field trips under my belt!  The best part of it all is that this field trip was free because it was at a MetroPark!

I had the opportunity to review BOB Books' new workbooks!  These are companions to the BOB Books learn-to-read boxed sets.   I love that there is now an extension to go along with the books.  The workbooks are full-color and come with two pages of stickers.  There are so many different skills included!  I have all of the BOB Books in my classroom, so these workbooks are going to be a great resource to have on hand.  I know my kids will love working through these during Guided Reading or free time!  You can check out the books below on Amazon.  *affiliate links*

We are out of school the Tuesday after Memorial's a half-day.  Prior to a Monday holiday, I like to teach my kids about why have the day off.  I'll be using my "Memorial Day" mini pack on Friday.  We will complete the ABC order activity as well as read through the mini-book.  You can snag this pack below if interested!  

I pulled out my "end of the year" read aloud books.  Below are some of my favorites!  I have linked them below for you as well, in case you wish to pick up a few for your own collection.
*affiliate links*

I treated myself to a mani yesterday because my nails have been so dry...peeling and breaking.  Tons of hangnails, too!  I think it's from all the cleaning/organizing at school.

We went out to dinner with friends at a brewery last night.  I tried jack fruit tacos.  Have you ever had jack fruit?  They were ok.  I thought they had way too much bbq sauce on them.  I also had a pineapple beer, which was also just ok.  I am not sure we will go back to this place, but we had a great time catching up with my hubby's college roommate and his wife!


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