Sunday, August 7, 2016

8 Essential Books for 1st Grade {Classroom Management Edition}

Many of you liked reading my "8 Essentials for 1st Grade" blog post and my "8 Essential Books for 1st Grade {BTS Edition}" that I did a few weeks ago.  I thought I'd keep on with my top 8 essential 1st grade books for classroom management.  I am pretty humble about teaching.  It's something that I work hard at and always have.  However, classroom management is definitely my strong area. Using picture books is a powerful way to teach young children important lessons.  People often ask me what my favorite books for teaching classroom management are.  Today's post is dedicated to 8 of my favorites!  Here we go!

1.  Lacey Walker, Non-stop Talker-This is  a fun book about a little owl named Lacey who LOVES to talk.  She talks all day and all night day she loses her voice.  She learns how important listening is when this happens.  Perfect book for a talkative class!

2.  Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal-This book is all about tattling vs. telling about something important.  In this story, the kids are constantly tattling on one another {sound familiar!?}.  The classroom is in disarray from all of it.  The teacher steps in to help the students problem solve.  In the end, the kids learn when it's ok to tattle.

3.  A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue-This is another great book about tattling by one of my favorite authors, Julia Cook!  In this story, Josh is such a big tattler, he has lost all of his friends.  One night he wakes up to find that his tongue has turned into a "tattle tongue."  It's long and yellow and covered in purple spots.  The story is presented in a fun way that reminds little ones about unnecessary tattling!

4.  Tease Monster-Here's another Julia Cook favorite!  So often, the word "bullying" is thrown around in my classroom.  It's important to teach kids the difference between bullying and teasing. This book is the perfect tool for doing just that!  "One-of-a-Kind" is different than the other kids and often gets teased.  He learns that laughing with someone is just teasing and is ok, but laughing out of spite is not ok.

5.  David Goes to School-This is for sure a class favorite every year!  When David goes to school, his teacher realizes she will have her hands full!  Davids antics will keep your kids laughing!

6.  Interrupting Chicken-This silly book is about a chicken who LOVES to interrupt everyone.  She just can't help herself!  In the story, Chicken's dad is trying to read her a bedtime story but he can't get through a sentence without being interrupted.  When it's Chicken's turn to tell her dad a story, he interrupts her by falling asleep!  *Grab a freebie to go with this book here.*

7.  The Recess Queen-This is a book about Mean Jean, the playground bully.  No one messed with her...until...a new student arrived and became a friend!!  This is a perfect book for teaching playground rules/working well with others.

8.  Pigsty-This book is all about Wendell's room.  It's a disaster!  A pigsty!  His mom can't get him to clean it up.  Wendell thinks his room is just fine the way it is.  One day, Wendell discovers a real pig living in his room!  This book is perfect for teaching kids to keep their desks/area neat and organized.  I don't know about you, but I can't stand a messy desk!

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