Tuesday, July 5, 2016

8 Essentials for 1st Grade

Hi, friends!  I hope you're enjoying your summer {and if it hasn't started yet, I hope it starts soon}!  I know that summer is the time for searching for supplies for our classrooms, so hopefully this post will be timely!  If you teach 1st grade, there are sooo many essential supplies/materials that you need. Today I will be sharing my Top 8 list with you.  Perhaps it will help those just starting out their careers and those switching to 1st grade.  It may also give the veteran teachers some new ideas!  I've included links to help you shop!  Anything that is mentioned in this post contains a clickable link at the bottom of my post.  Be sure to head down to the bottom of the post for a chance to win some of these goodies!!!

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1.  Double-Sided Counters--This are one of my favorite supplies.  We use them to play BINGO, which we play about once a week.  I keep them in little snack containers from the Dollar Tree. Distributing them is simple this way.  We also use them for Math games and Math lessons, specifically those requiring a 10-frame.  The kids can easily flip the chips from red to yellow.

2.  A Variety of Dice & Game Pawns--I created my box several years ago because I wanted a central place for all of my different dice and pawns that I'd been collecting over the years.  When the teacher that I took over for retired 12 years ago, she left me tons of dice!  We use dice and pawns a lot in class, particularly for Phonics and Math games.  I picked up a craft box to put all of my dice and pawns in.  My box contains different dice than the ones I've linked to, but you get the idea!

3.  A Listening Center--Each week, I have 5 different literacy centers going on in my classroom.  The kids visit one center per day {{Read more about how I manage them here}}.  One constant center that I have is the listening center.  I believe that listening to stories on audio is highly important for readers of all levels.  Below is a picture of my listening center.  I have a small, portable CD player and a small cassette player.  The reason that I have both is because I have LOADS of books on CD or cassette that I've obtained multiple copies of over the past 12 years.  I get my books on CD/tape from Scholastic.  I do not use headphones with my listening center; I keep the center far enough away from my guided reading table and the kids know to keep the volume at a reasonable level.  I found my cute table at Hobby Lobby a few years back and the chairs were from Publix {also a few years back}.

4.  Laminated Number Lines and Number Grids--We use these on the reg for Math and I like to have both available to my students so they can choose which works best for their learning.  The ones shown below are my favorites!

5.  Alphabet Stamps and Washable Ink Pads--Remember I mentioned literacy centers above with my listening center?  Well, just about every week, we also have a center that involves stamping of some sort...sight words, magic e, blends, you name it!  I got my stamps at Lakeshore many years ago but I found the ones shown below for a bit less money.  I prefer plastic so I can wash them every few weeks.  I just fill up a plastic tub with dish soap and water and let them soak for about 15 minutes and rinse.  Good as new!  I typically put one color of ink out a time so my kids don't mix up the pads.  I love the ones from Lakeshore!

5.  Magnetic Letters and Small Cookie Sheets--We use these often for literacy center activites or during guided reading groups.  The box I have now was purchased from Lakeshore, on sale, last summer.  I also I have the box shown below it.  It has a mish-mash of letters and I use a large craft box to organize them.  I like having both so I can have one for centers and one for guided reading.  I use small cookie sheets from Dollar Tree.

6.  Play-Doh--We use this A LOT at the beginning of the year.  I give my kids a doh break every day for the first several weeks of school when I am mostly working on procedures and behavior expectations.  We also use it throughout the year for literacy centers.  See more about how I use Play-Doh in the classroom here.

7.  Spiral Chart Tablets--Hands down, these are my favorite chart tablets.  I use them constantly to make anchor charts.
8.  Mr. Sketch Markers--I use these daily for on-the-spot grading and making anchor charts.  The kids love smelling their papers after I've marked on them!  I prefer the fat markers but I also use the skinny markers for at-home grading.

There you have it!  My top 8 supplies for 1st grade!  What do you use regularly that you would add to this list?



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An Apple a Day in First Grade said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Megan! Thanks for all of the great suggestions! I especially love the idea of storing 2 sided counters in small containers. What a time saver! How many counters do you typically put in each container? Thanks so much for sharing!

An Apple a Day in First Grade

Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Use and love many of the items you mentioned. Just ordered the skinny Mr. Sketch markers for myself and a co-worker! Can't wait to try them!

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