Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WOW Work

Showcasing exemplar work is something I've never done a lot of.  I have always felt that I should display ALL of my students' work.  I have a huge board in the back of my room where I used to hang everyone's art projects.  I also hang everyone's projects in the hallway and on a clothesline behind my desk.  This year, I decided to go on a limb and use part of my big board for Writing Workshop posters and the other for an exemplar work area.  I chose 6 as the magic number for my board.  I purchased some large scrapbook paper to use as backgrounds and then attached some wax clips to them.  Sidebar:  I've been using wax clips since back in the daaayy {2004} and let me tell you...papers will stay up with them!  If you don't have any, you must get some.  They aren't cheap, but they are well worth the price.  I added some bb letters to the board that say "WOW WORK."  I didn't tell my kids about it at first; just hung up 6 really nice papers/projects.  I will tell you why: We have been working on creating 3 star pictures and 3 star writing during Writing Workshop the past few mini-lessons.  So after the WOW WORK board was up for a day or two, I gathered my kids on the rug and asked them how they thought they could get their paper up on the board.  We made an anchor chart together and they came up with three really good ways.  I hung the anchor chart next to the WOW WORK area as a constant visual reminder for my kids.  So far, the WOW WORK board has been a big hit!



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Love the idea! So motivating! And that red hen activity is TOO CUTE! Where can I find it?!

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