Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrating our First Stories

A few weeks ago we had our first writing celebration!  It was a lot of fun but kind of rushed with everything else we had going on!  Here's what we did to prepare:

Day 1: We talked about what a story that we would be proud of would look like.  We came up with some ideas and I made a poster to remind us.  Modeling is KEY!  So, I looked through all my old stories that I'd written in mini-lessons and selected one I was most proud of.  Then it was the kids turn.  They looked through ALL of our old writing pieces {I collect them all each day the first quarter of school until the kids are ready for folders}.  Then the kids selected ONE story they felt they were most proud of.  I collected it.

Day 2: I modeled how to come up with a title for the stories.  The kids got their stories back and a cover page.  They came up with titles and illustrated their covers.

Day 3:  I modeled how to re-copy my story by fixing sight words that may be spelled wrong and adding some more details where possible.  I passed back the stories the kids had chosen and they did the same.  My interactive word wall is great for Writing time!

Day 4:  I modeled filling out a rubric for my story. guessed it!  It was the kids' turn.  We celebrated with donuts and milk.  We also had a rotation where the kids went table to table looking at others' stories and complimenting them.  I hung the pieces on my board for everyone to see!  I'm so proud of how my writers are doing!  Great strides in these first 9 weeks!!

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I love the idea of celebrating! I also like how you let the kids share each day and the kids give the writer compliments! :)

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