Friday, October 9, 2015

5 for Friday 10.9.15

Good Morning, Everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful week.  This week was super busy!  I feel like once October hit, my calendar FILLED UP!   Anyone else with me on that one?!?!?!  I'm back this morning for another 5 for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Here we go!

We started Dessert Tubs this week.  Dessert Tubs are early finisher bins that kids can do.  I mostly put games and puzzles in them so kids can work on their social skills/problem solving.  I do occasionally throw in some curriculum-type activities, like the flash cards shown below.  Whatever is in the tub has to be FUN!  To see more about how I run these and get free labels, click HERE.

I started guided reading this week.  It's been going really well.  The rest of my students are now trained to do what I ask during group time.  I never start groups right away because they won't be effective until I have the whole class management piece under control.  We've been using all kinds of goodies from my Guided Reading Bundle, which you can see more about by clicking the cover below.  I've also been incorporating my Differentiated Graphic Organizers into group.  Love having them all copied and at my fingertips!  Check those out below as well.

I am getting so excited for the holidays!  I just adore all things Christmas!  I got super excited when I was at Hobby Lobby last weekend!  I was also pumped to see that Egg Nog is out!  I love it {but only when mixed with some skim milk}!!!

Columbus Day is Monday!  We've spent the week learning about Christopher Columbus.  Blog post coming next week on that!  I have a little pack that we've been using all week!  I love the reader that comes with it.  Check it out below.

My friend, Heidi, also has a great Columbus pack.  We are doing her craft from it today!  Check hers out below.

I celebrated TGIF a little early last night!!!  Have a great weekend, friends!  



Tidy Teacher said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love Hobby Lobby! But it's way too soon for Christmas Decorations! ( smh...I say the same thing every year) Your pic makes me smile though. Happy Friday!

Liveloveserveteach said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh that Leinenkugel's looks amazing! I'm headed to the states on Sunday for a week. Going to have to keep my eyes open for that one. Your Columbus Day pack looks great. That reminded me that I should probably do something with my daughter to teach her about Columbus Day since we aren't in the US right now. Otherwise she'll get back to school in the US and be like "who's that?" when they talk about him. Overseas life...
Joya :)

MentoringintheMiddle said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

CI love that the skills you teach in te primary grades (main idea and detail) are still being taught in the upper grades. I guess we just keep spiraling with that!
Enjoy your weekend!

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