Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We've just finished up our study of apples and I wanted to stop by and do a quick post showing what we did.  We began by exploring some fiction and non-fiction books about apples.  I had buckets of books ready for the kids to browse.  

Next, we explored apples that had been cut open.  We used magnifying glasses because that makes it more official and of course FUN!

Next we read a non-fiction book and learned some new vocabulary words.  I used the vocab cards from A Year of Many Firsts' Apple Unit, which has some great activities in it!

The next few days we learned about the life cycle of an apple.  We read some books and learned even more vocabulary words.   I found a fantastic You Tube all about the life cycle of an apple that we watched.  Click HERE to see it!

We worked on non-fiction text features with this little apple book from First Grader at Last.  It was perfect!  We will be hitting non-fiction text features again this year!  Click HERE to see what we do for that later in the year.


We played a beginning sound review game from Miss Kindergarten.  *I have 14/21 students on watch for literacy, so this letter sounds activity was very appropriate for this time of year despite what you may be thinking!

We had fun at our literacy centers.  We did all the activities from my "Bushels of Fun" apple centers pack, shown below.

We wrapped up our learning by making a tear art apple inspired by Primary Press {sidebar: If I taught kindergarten, I'd be using everything of Vickie's!  Love her teaching style!}.

Overall, we had a great time learning about apples!  What fun things do you do with apples?



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