Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Phonics Jeopardy--UPDATE!

Hi everyone!  I am writing from the couch, where I am currently laid up and SICK.  On Friday, I started feeling horrible at school.  Then on Saturday, we had a garage sale, and I felt awful for that as well.  Saturday night, my Mother in Law arrived from California, so of course we went to dinner and ran around all day Sunday.  All the while I felt like crap.  I slept most of the evening Sunday and into Monday.  Today, I am still sick, but feeling a little better.  I think had I rested, it would have been over sooner.  There was too much going on to rest!  Everything else takes priority besides ME.  I hate that I do that!  Currently, my first graders are probably pushing the limit with the second substitute teacher today, but I have no control over it from home so I need to let.it.go.

With not much else to do today, I decided to add a few Jeopardy packs to my shop and Phonics Jeopardy Bundle.  We've been working on short vowels/word families the past two weeks, so I thought some short vowel Jeopardy games would be a great review.  I added 5 new games; one for each vowel.  If you own the growing bundle, you can re-download to get all 5 games for FREE!  If you haven't checked out my Jeopardy games, you might like to...they are a ton of fun!  Prep and setup is minimal.  All you need is a printer, pocket chart, and dry erase boards.

Below is everything I have, as well as a bundle, where you get all of my current Phonics Jeopardy games {and future ones free} and save around $6.00.  Through Thursday, September 17, you can save an additional amount on the Jeopardy Bundle.  I am marking it down even more for you to get it at a super low rate {saving you $12.00}.  

Purchase the bundle and SAVE BIG!


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I am so excited to print these and use them right away! Thank you for the addition, my kids love your jeopardy games!

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