Thursday, September 17, 2015

Eric Litwin AKA the author of Pete the Cat

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO...........I had a phone call with Eric Litwin on Monday.  He's kind of a big gigantic deal.  You MIGHT know him, even though you think you don't.  I mean, he's just the author of the first 4 Pete the Cat books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is super nice and down to earth.  Did you know that Eric used to be a classroom teacher?  He loves infusing music and early literacy together.  I think he does a pretty amazing job at it, don't you?

I'm excited to share with you that Eric and I will be working together!  Eric has a new book coming out next week and it's so much fun.  It's called Sing and Dance in Your Polka Dot Pants.  I just received a signed copy from Eric in the mail last night.  The nut family is adorable and the song is so catchy! Not a surprise, coming from Eric!
To help celebrate the new book, Eric and his team are having a Polka Dot Pants Dance Contest!  To enter, visit THIS website and submit a video!  Each entry gets a free poster and one lucky school will win a visit from Eric himself!!!  Contest runs September 1-November 1, 2015.  Good luck!

Keep your eyes peeled next week, because you'll have a chance to win Eric's new book {and it's autographed!}. Eric would say, "Be Well, Friends."  Enjoy your weekend!


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