Saturday, September 19, 2015

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure Boards

I spent a lot of time reading about classroom management prior to getting my first teaching job 12 years ago.  Management is definitely my strong point, and I attribute it to the time I spent researching it combined with the things I continually do in my room.  A few weeks ago, I posted THIS POST about the importance of structure and procedures in the classroom.  Having order and structure makes the days go smoother.  The kids know what to expect and you know what to expect of them.  Two procedures that I go over very often are the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal procedures.  I use data binders, which are also take-home binders, with my kids.  Because we have the binders, there are a few extra steps required when the children arrive and leave.  Having directions up is important to ensure that everyone knows what to do.  I created these routine boards and placed the cards in small pocket charts right next to my door.  I also added real photographs of the kids doing each step.  This helps those visual learners and/or non-readers.  I have words and numbers on my routine boards but if you teach kindergarten or pre-school, having only pictures would be more appropriate.  So far this year, my kids are doing very well with arrival and dismissal procedures and I attribute a lot of that to these charts.    

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