Monday, September 21, 2015

Poetry Visualization

 Hi everyone!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  I spent a lot of time resting...I am still getting over being sick!  It's been over a week now.

So I woke up Saturday morning at 4:00 a.m. and my mind was racing and ready to do some work!  I spent most of the day working on the computer...never enough time for all of my ideas!  My hubby and I also went to a wedding on Saturday night.

Today's post is all about using poetry in the classroom.  I like to incorporate poetry with Phonics, mainly because we don't have a ton of time to get everything in!  I use two Phonics books on the reg. I got them on Amazon and/or Scholastic years ago.  They are both shown below:

Monday, I introduce our new poem.  I read it aloud.  We discuss any new vocabulary words. Then, I have students close their eyes and listen/make a picture in their minds about what they think they poem is about.  I distribute half-sheets of visualization paper and clip boards and the kids draw/color what they saw in their minds.  We share our pictures and talk about how they are the same, yet different.

Tuesday-Thursday, we re-read our poem.  We might circle rhyming words/word family words. Towards the end of the week, I have students come up and lead us.  We might choral read, echo read, read with a flashlight, etc...

Friday, I pass out individual copies of the poem and the kids highlight word family words and sight words.  They also color the picture on the poem.  Then, we read the poem together, along with some of our older poems, and place it into our poetry folders.  As the year progresses, partners/small groups read their old poems together instead of us reading them aloud.

Poetry is a great way to build fluency and vocabulary!  To see more ideas on how I use poetry in the classroom, click HERE!

To get the poem visualization pages, click the cover below!



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