Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Sight Word Games

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I love a good sight word activity/game!  In first grade, I expect my students to learn the first 100 Fry words.  I begin the year with all 100 on my word wall to start exposing them to the words from the start.

We practice the words during Morning Message, Literacy Centers, and Guided Reading.  We also use our word wall during Writing Workshop.  That being said, I need a lot of activities to keep kids engaged.  One game that we love to play is "SORRY."  To play, just print sight words on large craft sticks.  Buy some cheap plastic cups and write "SORRY" on the front of them with a permanent marker.  On a few sticks, write the word "SORRY."  To play, partner kids up.  They take turns drawing a stick and reading the word.  I like to have them use the word in a sentence.  If they pull a "SORRY" stick, all of their sticks go to their partner or back in the cup; you choose {but leave the "SORRY" stick out}.  The winner has the most sticks at the end of the game!  The beauty of this game is that you can customize it using any word lists.  It can also be done with word family or word chunk words.

I recently created a new product, "Just My Type."  To play/complete the activity, students take a pile of sight words {words are labeled by list so you can easily differentiate} and a keyboard mat. They flip a card over and practice typing it.  Finally, they can complete the included recording sheet. This is a fun, yet simple way for kids to practice their words!  This set includes the Fry's First 100 words as well as number words one-twenty and color words.  To take a peek, click the cover below!

"Bottled Up" is a fun activity that your students can do to practice sight words.  To make your sight word bottles, purchase small bottles or test tubes.  Add some glitter and letter beads to spell out sight words {one word per bottle}.  Add some water to the bottle and seal.  Place bottles in a center with the coordination sight word mats.  Don't want to make the mats?  Have students use dry erase slates to write the words they unscramble.  Grab the mats for free below!  These mats are for the Fry's First 100 sight words.

I hope you like these sight word activities!  Enjoy your day.



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