Monday, March 10, 2014

Chunking Words

Hi everyone!  Are you as exhausted as I am?  I stayed up way too late Saturday night {2 a.m. to be exact...}, which is very unusual for me!  I need tons of sleep!  I was finishing up my "Chunking Words" pack!  I wanted to take some time today to share it with you.  

Skilled readers recognize parts in words rather than sound words out letter by letter. Readers can use these patterns to decode words by using what they know about one word to decode another. Recognizing word parts helps students become more skilled at decoding so that they will eventually be able to decode longer words.  I created this pack to help you teach word parts to emergent readers.  This 149-page set includes activities for 34 common word parts.  Included for each is a colorful poster to display in your classroom as reference for your students, word cards {which also can be displayed throughout the time period you are learning the word part}, sorting worksheets, and an activity for each word part.  The activities vary..there is: a board game, abc order, Scoot games, stamping, a flip book, mini-books, a Go Fish game, and more! 

Here are some of the things that we did last week to learn about /or/ and /ar/.  We made our list of words together and then the students went back to write and illustrate two sentences on the backs of their lists.  

Below are some freshly printed posters and cards, as well as some fun games that are included! I hope you will take a look and check this out.  This is a fantastic stand-alone resource but also makes a wonderful supplement to your current Phonics curriculum.  I'm leaving this on sale through Tuesday!!  



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Megan- This packet looks terrific... in keeping with all your products :). Chunking words can be difficult for the firsties to grasp and they do needs LOTS of practice. Looks like those late nights have paid off. Hope you are on your way to spring break!

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