Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunshine Craft

'Tis the time of the crafts.  Bring on the paint, construction paper, and whatever random assortment of craft supplies one may have!  We are counting down the days and the only thing on my first graders' minds is going outside and SUMMER!  To help keep things somewhat orderly, I've incorporated art projects into my curriculum wherever possible.  One of my favorite end of the year art projects are these suns.  They are so cheery and brighten up any room!  I decided to tie these in with our poetry unit that we just completed.  We brainstormed "SUMMER" acrostic poetry ideas together on the white board and then I let the kids write their poems by selecting from the ideas we generated together {These were thought of WITHOUT my assistance!  Didn't they do great?!?!!}.  The craft and poems turned out so wonderful!  I am so proud of my kids!  To snag the sun craft and poem freebie, click the cover page at the end of this post.  Enjoy!




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