Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Last week, we wrapped up our farm animals unit.  We had been studying the animals that live on a farm for 2 weeks.   I always begin with a group research project.  To start, I let the students choose which animal they'd like to learn more about.  I type up the groups and the kids begin by coloring their covers and browsing library books about their animals.  We also begin our large anchor chart. We focus on one animal a day and read a book together.  We complete that portion of the anchor chart.  The headers for the chart came from Reagan and I made the pictures with clip art.  The chart will come in handy when the kids get to their "facts" pages for their farm animal books.

On the 2nd day, we begin the K and W of the K-W-L chart in groups.  The kids are allowed to work together because this is a group project.  Day 3 is the diagram.  Day 4 is facts.  I encourage the kids to use the anchor chart and work together.  We finish up by adding future questions to our booklets and making a farm animal craft {farm animal crafts by Laura Bensley}.  We also took a field trip to the farm!

This unit is so simple, engaging, and FUN!  Perfect for those last few weeks of school.  Check it out by clicking the cover below.



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