Sunday, May 17, 2015

Do You Go Noodle?

I am assuming all of you have heard of GoNoodle, but maybe there are some of you that haven't.  I wanted to take some time to share its awesomeness with you today!  So in a nutshell, GoNoodle
is a website where you can sign up for free and get brain breaks for your classroom.  The breaks are in the form of videos and are songs or dances.  They are highly engaging, kid-friendly, and many are just plain SILLY NILLY and funny to watch!!!!!  GoNoodle has a free version, which I use.  They also have a more extensive version, GoNoodle Plus, which I will definitely be checking out in the fall.  I hear it has a lot of great educational videos.

Signing up for GoNoodle is really easy.  You just create an account and then choose a "Champ," or monster person.  Then, you get right to it with brain breaks!  The more breaks, the more your "Champ" changes in appearance.  Once the "Champ" is maxed out, you get to choose a new one!  You also get a printable certificate to hang up {kids are OBSESSED WITH THIS!!}.

I love using GoNoodle to break up lessons that are long.  I also use it in between lessons.  Most times, I GoNoodle with my kids.  At this point in the year, the kids are self-sufficient with it, so once I put one on, they know the expectations {no running, no touching one another, etc...} and it allows me to quickly distribute papers for the next lesson or even a few minutes to collect my thoughts.

Some of our favorite brain breaks include: Pop Se Ko, Just Kidding, Kitty High 5, Roller Coaster, and ANYTHING by Kidz Bop.  What are your favorites?!?!?

I recently got some great GoNoodle swag for my students and they were absolutely thrilled! Everyone in the school was ooohing and ahhhing over our GoNoodle sweatbands and stickers!  I got the softest tee-shirt and an insulated cup.  To shop the GoNoodle store, click HERE.  

I highly encourage GoNoodle as a classroom management system.  So simple, yet so fun and engaging.  You can use it as a reward, for brain breaks, inside recess, and more.  I will say we've been using it a LOT this time of year and it's been a blessing! To sign up for free, just use this link and click HERE.



Jacqui G said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I really like Go Noodle. They also having relaxing, meditation like videos that are great for relaxing students. I definitely would like to use it more often next year.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My kids love it! I have started using the question part and my kids don't know they are reviewing, they are just working out.

Toni Hall said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We love it! We use it every day as they filter back from lunch. I love that it is so easy to add your own videos to your class. The kids can't wait for their Champ to transform!

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