Monday, March 9, 2015

Missing Addend

We've been working hard on finding the missing addend in an addition fact.  This is such an important skill for fact fluency.  One game that my kids absolutely adore is the missing addend monster game.  This is a game included in my "Missing Addend Monsters" Math pack.

To play, partners take turns.  One player is the "hider" and the other person the "guesser."  The hider hides some monsters under a paper plate while the guesser covers his/her eyes.  He/she is sure to leave some monsters on the top.  When the hider is ready, the guesser opens their eyes and counts the monsters on the top.  They must figure out how many monsters are under the plate by counting up to whatever number you had the children start with.  I usually start with 10 for most of my kids and give my higher kids more.  The kids get SO excited to figure out how many monsters are under the plate! Definitely a huge hit!

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