Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rainbow Craft

Every St. Patrick's Day, I love having my kids make tissue-paper rainbows!  The prep is kinda crazy but the kids love making them and they are a great display to keep in my room for the remainder of the year.  I remember doing tissue paper art as a kid and it was always a blast!!

For the prep, just get the colors of the rainbow in tissue paper.  Cut small squares.  Place separated colors in baskets or baggies.  Print a rainbow pattern onto white card stock.  You can find a pattern by Googling it.  I found one on Mailbox years ago and don't have a digital copy or I would gladly share it with you!  *You can also draw a rainbow.  Each child needs an un-sharp pencil and a bottle of glue.

To create the craft, have the kids color the sections the appropriate colors.  This helps them remember where to put which colors of tissue.  I model using the liquid glue by putting some squiggles onto the rainbow sections.  Kids take their pencil erasers and wrap a piece of tissue around it tightly.  They then push the eraser onto the rainbow and lift straight up quickly.  They continue, placing the tissue squares close together for a full, colorful rainbow.  Allow time to draw overnight.  Cut out rainbows {I do this for my kids} and hang for a beautiful display!  For more St. Patrick's Day ideas, click here.

PS-if you have my Shamrock Float pack, be sure to re-download.  I revised two of the picture cards. Thanks!!!



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