Friday, March 6, 2015

5 for Friday

Happy Friday!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five for Friday! 

I uploaded a fun little ditty for St. Patrick's Day!  "How to Make a Shamrock Float" is a great way to incorporate a delicious treat into Writing!  Students can practice how-to writing, make a shamrock float, and review nouns/adjectives. Finish off the activity with a little craft!  Check it out below.  In case you missed the original post, click HERE.

Here's a picture of the floats from years past!

We had our February behavior reward last week.  We are a PBIS school.  Each month we have a school-wide reward for those students who met the goal they had set for the month.  February was "ice a cookie!"  Such fun!

I stayed up wayyyy too late every night this past week.  I was doing things for work.  Next week I am super busy with tons of appointments, a personal day, and meetings.  I was trying to get ahead of the game this week.  Even though I put in extra hours at night, I still don't feel caught up.  It's a never ending race!  However, I woke up today with this on the dining room table:

CvC blending cards from my Levels A and B Guided Reading Pack all cut and stacked neatly.  Isn't my hubby such a good boy??!!!

On Monday I about killed myself finishing up my "Level C" guided reading pack!  I'm so excited to have it all ready!  I've been printing, laminating, and cutting to get everything ready for use.  Check it out below, and remember the growing bundle, which will eventually contain 9 units, is only marked down for a limited time and then the price will go up!  Below are a few activities included.  To look at a more detailed look of the bundle, click HERE.  People are saying great things about the growing bundle thus far!

Word on the Instagram Street is that Lip Smacker will soon be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!  I heard they aren't doing well and are closing.  They are made here in Ohio.  Naturally, I had to revert back to my childhood and RUN to the drug store to stock up.  Even though I haven't used/had one in about 28 years...but Dr. Pepper is still the bomb!  It's in my purse!

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