Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sight Word Concentration

I am obsessed with playing Concentration.  It's been a favorite of mine for a few years now!  I love it in any, words, you name it!  I remember playing Memory as a child.  Did anyone else have that sweet game??  It was kinda like the one below, but mine had different picture cards...

Anyhow, back to Concentration in the classroom!  I just use cards and a pocket chart.  I draw sticks to have kids come up and make guesses.  They love cheering one another on!  We've been working super hard on learning our first 25 sight words and today as a final wrap up, we played my "Seasonal Sight Word Concentration" game.  I printed list 1a and a few jack-o-lantern cards.  I selected some of the trickier words from the list and we played with those.  I told the kids there were some lucky jack-o-lanterns hidden in the sight words and if they got one, they could visit the treasure box! This definitely kept their attention  Super fun!  Below is a photo AND an awesome video from the game today!  This little guy was PUMPED that he got a jack-o-lantern!

This game is great for whole-group or small guided reading/RTI groups!  Fry's first 100 words included as well as lots of seasonal cards to mix in for a fun element of surprise!!



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