Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Knowing when to use capital letters is so tricky for kids!  I try to incorporate practice of it in as many areas as possible.  I decided my kids needed a Writing Workshop mini-lesson on it.  Their stories have been coming along fabulously and I wanted to push them.  I began by introducing my anchor chart.  We talked about each area and gave some examples.

Next I modeled writing a story {per usual} during my mini-lesson.  I had the kids come up and help me add in capital letters where necessary.  **I made sure my story included lots of proper nouns. Afterward, we checked to make sure we had capitals where we needed them.  I displayed the poster in the front of the room and sent the kids off.  I was so excited to see some students really using the resources in the classroom and CAPITALIZING them!  Of course, some didn't apply what they'd learned during the mini-lesson and that is OK!

When I introduce something new in Writing, I always re-teach it the second day.  I like to spend two days on mini-lessons because I really want the children to get the skill that I'm introducing.  So, on day two, I decided to make my capitalization lesson a little more exciting!  I typed a story on WORD and projected it on the board.  I had kids come up and find the capitalization errors.  They loved it, of course!

We also began my Daily Sentence Edits this week!  These are so much fun and such great practice! The skills covered include sight words, capitalization, and commas.  The students and I correct the sentence together on the projector and then they re-write it correctly on their papers and draw a picture to match.  The pages are themed to go along with the seasons/holidays in each month.  This is a nice connection for kids!

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LOVE this post! Capitals are so hard for first graders!!! The daily editing is a great thing!

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