Sunday, February 23, 2014

What I've Been Up To

Today's post is a little of this and a little of that!  I've been super busy traveling and keeping up with house work and school/blog work since the holidays ended.  Below are some pictures of what I've been doing!

In early January, my hubby and I traveled to San Francisco to check it out.  The verdict?  It was awesome!! So much to see and do.  We couldn't get it all in.  The food and shopping were amazing!  Highlights from our trip: Pier 39, Chinatown, and The Golden gate Bridge.  We actually walked the bridge.  I wore boots. WTH was I thinking?

In mid-January, I met up with some of my closest blogging friends.  We've become great friends over the past few years and we get together each year.  This year, we traveled to Dallas to hang! You may have read my post all about it last month.  Dallas was great!  Lots to do, amazing weather, and wonderful time with friends.  Highlights of our trip: seeing each other again, the trolley tour, and eating at the revolving restaurant downtown.

In early February, my hubby and I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah.  My hubby is a financial advisor and Salt Lake is the hub for their yearly conference.  Wow!  Salt Lake was gorgeous!  The weather was on our side {for once} and we missed the snow by some miracle!  Highlights from the trip: seeing the Mormon tabernacle/temple, great food, beautiful views, and of course an ALEX AND ANI stand-alone store!!  We didn't have time to ski this year but it's on like Donkey Kong next year!

Due to all the traveling, I was late in taking down my Christmas decor...I may or may not have just finished taking all of it down this past week.  I know you are thinking, "What the heck!?" but I put so much up, it's insane and takes time to put it all away.  Plus, I am OCD about having it organized in the Christmas storage room.  I did manage to put up the St. Patrick's Day stuff!  I am even starting to look through my March files at school!  *To see more on how I organize my monthly files at school, click here {there may even be a freebie!}.

Not long ago, I introduced a new contest that I will be running.  It's called "Mrs. Wheeler in My Classroom." I just love seeing pictures of my products in use in your rooms!  If you would like to be entered in the drawing for a TpT gift certificate and a box of goodies from yours truly, all you have to do is email me a picture of a product of mine in use in your room!  My email is  Giveaway ends on the last day of every month.  I have received several so far, but am hoping to get more!  Your picture {and blog if you have one} will be featured on my blog regardless of if you win or not.  Click here to see my initial post about this.

I've posted some new products lately and here they are:

1.  CvC Flash Cards

2.  Silent e Flash Cards

3.  Missing Addend Monsters

4.  The Mitten Book Activities

5.  How to Make a Dirt Cup Snack Writing Freebie

Soo...what have you been up to lately?


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So glad you enjoyed our beautiful city! I teach in the Bay Area and I love living here. Come back and visit soon. :)

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