Saturday, February 22, 2014

President's Day Recap

We managed to get most of our President's Day learning in, despite the continued snow days!  Below are some pictures highlighting what we did!

We began with Washington and our "K & W" section of the K-W-L chart.  I was surprised that the kids didn't know much about Washington!

Then we started our learning about him.  We watched a Brain Pop Jr. and read many books throughout the week.  The kids always get real excited when one of our "W" questions are answered throughout our learning!

We summed up our Washington learning by completing the "L" part of our K-W-L and doing a little expository writing and of course a fun craft from Mrs. Cupcake.  Some of the crafts turned out so funny!   The writing page and K-W-L pieces are from my "Hooray for President's Day Pack, pictured below."

We had limited time, but moved on to Lincoln!  We started with a discussion and the kids seemed to know more about him.  We just so happened to be learning about main idea, so I quickly turned a read aloud into a main idea lesson.  Excuse my disgusting easel and my random pictures! Haha!

We continued to read more books, watched a Brain Pop, and finally ended with more Lincoln writing and a craft.  We reviewed both presidents with a Venn Diagram and also did our President's Day centers.

The kids were obsessed with the White House because one book I read to them had a lot of facts about it. I found this sweet digital tour of the house on You Tube.  They loved it!  Click the picture to check it out for yourself.

They also love these US presidents cards that I found in the Target Dollar Spot a few years ago!

President's Day was a great unit of study!  Somehow, we squeezed it all in!



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Great center activities!!!! I really like the spin and write a sentence activity. You are mega creative.
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