Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi blog buddies! I have been MIA lately--very busy keeping up with school, couponing (my newly acquired summer habit), the gym, and life in general!

I thought I would share what we did in honor of September 11.

Students were greeted with a red, white, and blue ribbon to remember the victims and show pride in America.  They also wore red, white, and blue to school.

First, we read  a story...

Then, we viewed a powerpoint that my teammates put together; there were photos from NY before, after, and during that tragic day. 

We watched some clips from Brain Pop that told about September 11.

Then, we read a non-fiction book and poem about the flag and painted our own flags!!

P.S. You can snag some 9/11 bookmarks here or here! Thanks, abcteach!


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