Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting to Know One Another

The first several weeks' shared writing lessons are all about getting to know our classmates.  I begin by choosing one student.  We examine his/her name (count and review vowel sounds, consonants, and the capital letter).  We also review vowels with several Dr. Jean songs.  Here are three good ones:

-The Vowel Family
-Vowel Cheer
-Vowel Song

Next, we ask the student questions.  *Note: The first few days, I model this and each day we review what a question is! The student responds, and I model writing the answer in a short sentence format.  I randomly select cvc or sight words to have "help" spelling.  I like to draw the little lines so students can see how many letters there are in the word they are spelling.

Finally, we read the "article" several times, in different ways.  Students are then sent back to complete the student of the day page for a book.  The student of the day can decorate a construction paper cover and then take the book home. They are obsessed with seeing the pictures that their friends draw!  

For more information on this activity, see the "old bible," as I used to call it! I love this book! You can't go wrong with 4-Blocks!


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