Friday, April 29, 2011

Spelling Scramble!

Hello everyone! I have been MIA lately...busy, busy, with my student teacher phasing out and me picking everything up again.  So we all know that the plastic eggs are very cheap now.  I picked up a ton last weekend.  I made these spelling scramble eggs. 

To make:
Use a paint pen (it does scratch off eventually...) or Sharpie (I prefer) with clear nail polish over the top to label numbers on your eggs. 

Inside, put spelling words or any other words you want your students to practice.  You can use letter tiles or beans with letters written on them...even scraps of cardstock with letters.  *Next week, we're doing -ame word family words, so I put those in the eggs.  Keep track of which word is in each egg.

Put out a basket for small groups.  Hand out a recording sheet, or have them use regular paper that is numbered.

They will have a great time unscrambling the words! Happy Friday!


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