Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sunday 6 November 3

Hi!  Welcome back to another Sunday 6!  Last week was insane with Halloween and conferences!!  Yikes!  Here's a wrap-up of my week!  ***Remember, you can add your own blog post below if you are interested!  Just use my images and link up at the end of this post!!!
As I mentioned above, last week was pure insanity...most of my week was consumed by conference prep!!  Thank goodness I had my conference pack to get me through.  The kids completed a self-assessment which I've used for years.  It really is a nice way to start the conference off before jumping into academics.  Surprisingly enough, the kids are very honest (well, most of them, anyways)!!

I went to Cyclebar the day before Halloween.  It was a "Halloween" ride.  I assumed that meant dress up.  I even messaged the instructor and asked if we were supposed to come in costume.  She said "Yes, for sure!!"  So I scrambled in the basement and pulled out an 80's costume.  I was the only one in costume.  Out of 50 some people.  Thank God I didn't wear the mullet wig.  #awkwardbuthilarious

For school dress up day, my student teacher, one of my teammates, and myself all dressed up as Green Eggs and Ham.  The kids loved it!!!!!!!!

Also on Halloween, for part of our "party," we did my pumpkin taste test from my "Fall Taste Tests" pack.  The kids enjoyed most of the pumpkin treats!  I couldn't find a pie at the last minute, so I grabbed some pumpkin pie ice-cream, which was a hit!  On the back of our papers, we wrote about our favorite pumpkin food!  These taste tests would be great this month as well.  I purchased all the food items at Trader Joe's.  Click below to grab the printables!

Also for Halloween, I had a themed-message for morning meeting.  We played BINGO, made a fact family haunted house by Primary Inspired, watched a Halloween movie, and ate some more snacks.  It was a fun day for sure!

Next Sunday is Veterans Day.  I always enjoy teaching my students about this holiday.  My dad is a Veteran of Vietnam.  We will be reading some picture books, completing the mini-book, and doing the poppy craft.  These items can be found in my Veterans Day pack, which is shown below.

Have a wonderful week!


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