Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday 6 March 4

Hi and welcome to this week of "Sunday 6!"  This is a post where I share 6 random happenings about my week!  Feel free to create your own Sunday 6 blog post.  Just use my images below and link back to me.  Have a great week!!

How is this possible?  March already!  We are ending our quarter this week.  We'll be in the final quarter of the year.  Crazy!  I love March because I love celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the classroom.  Specifically making "Shamrock Floats."  My kids always ooohh and ahhhh about them, and that makes me so happy!  Check out some pictures of years past below!  Click the cover image below to check this fun little pack out!

Each Friday, I choose a Super Star for the week.  This person has modeled exemplar behavior all week long.  They get to wear a special t-shirt and get a sticker.  They also have their picture hung up on the board.  The other students make a page which gets assembled into a book for the Super Star.  We brainstorm good sentences on the board and the kids can use them OR they can come up with their own!  The Super Star LOVES taking this little book home!  Click the cover below to snag the printable pages.  

Our rugs at school only get cleaned the summer.  I think it's disgusting that they don't clean them more.  Last week, I decided to take matters into my own hands and get the scrubber out and clean my rug.  Needless to say, the water was black.  YUCK.  How often does your rug get cleaned?

The first Friday of the month is always Donut Day.  However, this past Friday, the team in charge forgot!  Of course everyone gave them crap so someone went out and got them.  A donut cart came around with drinks and donuts!  I always choose a sprinkle donut!  Been going strong since I was a toddler!

 A few weeks ago, we went recliner shopping for Mr. Wheeler because his chair broke (after being sat in every day for 12 years).  He decided on this giant leather recliner.  He is 6'6" and a BIG GUY!  He needed a giant chair.  Last week, they "delivered his chair" and it was a small, baby blue recliner!  LOL!  Pretty sure we didn't order grandma's recliner!  He had to wait a whole week longer, but yesterday the chair we ordered arrived!  He is in heaven to say the least!  *I had to try it out, too, and I must say that it's amazing!!!

We've been killing it with place value the past few weeks!  My students are doing very well and I think it's because they had such a solid foundation of addition and subtraction prior to starting this.  We've used manipulatives, games, and done several number talks.  I am pleased with their progress for sure!

I LOVE my Giant Magnetic Base 10 Blocks that I got many years ago.  I've linked them below for you so you can get yourself a set!  *affiliate link*

Have a wonderful week!


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Our carpets are cleaned once a year during the summer. Thankfully, my school pays for that expense. I have to clean my own seatsacks, though and they're equally as disgusting.
Thank you for the lovely ice cream idea - I'll certainly include that activity on March 17th! :)

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