Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday 6 February 25

Hi and welcome to the last Sunday 6 in February!  What a quick month it's been!  I'll be sharing 6 random things from my week here.  Feel free to create your own blog post and link up sometime this week!  Just be sure to use my graphics.  Thanks and have a great week!
Monday we did not have school, so we did a few fun activities for President's Day Tuesday!  The kids loved coloring and hunting for sight words in this mini-book.  The book is in my "Mini Book Bundle," which is a wonderful resource to have.  It includes mini-books for all the holidays.  Click below to snag it.

Mr. Wheeler and I went out of town shopping last weekend and I got myself some Hunter boots.  I've been wanting a pair for at least 10 years now and finally bit the bullet!  I went with the short ones in red.  Red is one of my favorite colors.  The winters and spring in Ohio have tons of snow, ice, and rain, so I know I will get my money's worth!  

My kids are working on non-fiction (specifically animals) and we've been using my graphic organizers.  We wrote letters last week!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these organizers!  They are non-themed, differentiated, and great for any book.  Click below to take a look.    

The kids also did some research of their own and got to type a fact or two that they learned on the computer!  We only have 2 computers in our classroom and don't have other technology available, so this was a real treat for them!  They were in awe that I could print out their pages after they typed!  Hahaha!  A generation of phone and table users for sure!

I ordered some new noise-cancelling/shooting headphones for my classroom last week.  I had some previously, but they got broken.  These headphones are phenomenal for those with sensory needs as well as those with ADHD.  They truly work wonders.  They eliminate all the white, background noise and allow students to focus on their work.  The new ones I got are very nice quality.  I've linked them below if you want to snag a pair or two for you room.  I definitely recommend getting at least 2 pair because your kids will want to use them constantly.  If ordering, be sure to clip the 7% off coupon to save more money!

Here's a quick and simple word work/literacy center:  Cut up some black construction paper and add some metallic markers.  Kids can practice writing words from the word wall as well as any other words you're studying.  I put name cards in the center bin and they loved writing one another's names!  Link to the markers is below!

I've been an avid outdoor cyclist for a few years now, but this past Fall I started cycling indoors at my gym.  I take a class 2x a week in the evenings.  Recently, I added on a Saturday morning class and I am in LOVE!  I love getting up early and getting a good 25-30 mile ride in before 9:00.  It's a great way to start the weekend and makes me feel less guilty about eating out!

Have a great week!  Remember you can link up below!


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These are great ideas on how to take children for a weekend. Beautiful shoes. :))

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