Thursday, February 8, 2018

Valentine's Day Party Pack

February is home to many holidays...too many to name them all, in fact.  Because of this, I like taking the guesswork out of my Valentine party.  Two years ago, I decided to run my Valentine party in centers, with parent volunteers.  I do the same thing for Christmas.  It's a glorious thing!  It takes a little prep work but saves you so much headache the day of the party!

The first thing I do to organize this is send home a volunteer letter.  This includes volunteering to 1. come in and/or 2. donate a party item.  Once I get my list of volunteers/donations, I go through and highlight on my master list what I'd like each person to bring.  This is an extremely important step, as having missed items brought in can mean a disaster for our stations/centers.  I also send the volunteers an individual copy with their name and item highlighted.  On the day of the party, I set up the acrylic signs shown above with our station names and assign volunteers to stations.  They will run the station as many times as you need, depending on class size and size of groups.  After all stations have been completed, we will pass out our cards and watch the Charlie Brown Valentine movie!

1.  Valentine BINGO--The kids make their boards before the party.  I have them color their pieces and glue them on their boards randomly....usually for a morning activity.  This ensures we are ready to play in the afternoon!  I use Valentine candy or mini erasers as markers.

2.  Valentine Pudding Cup or Cookie--Both treats are included choices in my party pack...have your kids make a festive pudding cup or decorate a festive cookie.  But before they eat the treat, they must write out the steps!  Hello, Writing Standards!  PS-don't forget the milk if you're doing the cookie decorating!

3.  Candy Heart Graphing--Add in a little Math fun with candy heart graphing!  Using the provided worksheet and add mini boxes or muffin cups of conversation hearts.

4.  Valentine Friendship Notes--You can have kids write these to friends, family members, or other teachers in the building!  Add some festive markers, envelopes, and stickers for added flair!  Printable sentence stems included.  Editable names list included!

5.  Valentine Trail Mix & Peruse Valentine Books--This is a fun trail mix that's perfect for Valentine's Day!  You can be creative with your snacks included in the bag.  I am going to try cereal and mini pretzels along with M & M's and mini marshmallows this year.  Just put out bowls and scoops with each sure you have a good volunteer run this station!  Don't want to run out of supplies!  As kids are finished making their snack, they can enjoy it with a good Valentine book!  *I hit up the local library and get a box of Valentine books ahead of time.*

Hope you'll check out this great pack!  It's loads of fun!



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