Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Valentine's Day with Oriental Trading

I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day...mostly just Valentine's Day at school.  I don't care about it at home!  Hahaha!  Each year, I try to plan a lot of fun activities for my kids during the week of this cheesy holiday.  And once again this year, I had the help of Oriental Trading!  Check out some of the great goodies I'll be using in my room!  *All opinions in this blog post are my own.*

A tradition that I've had for all 14 years is to show A Charlie Brown Valentine (affiliate link below).  For some reason this year, my kids are realllyyy into Charlie Brown movies!  I have all of the holiday ones and they are silent during them!

I was thrilled to see Oriental Trading had some fun Peanuts things for Valentine's Day!  I grabbed these color-your-own place mats, because I knew they'd love coloring them and using them for our party!

I was also excited about the coordinating plates and napkins!  We'll be making some fun treats from my "Valentine's Day Party Pack" and these will come in handy!

I got these plastic heart cups last year and we used them for our milk during the party.  I went ahead and got another set this year, because the kids really enjoyed having them to take home last year!

Last year I discovered the beauty of "make your own bag in class," thanks to Oriental Trading!  I mean, how did I even make bags before these?!?!?  I would spend SO much money on lunch or gift bags, stickers, glitter, foam pieces, etc...I love that OT has everything the kids need, in their own, separated kits!  Just pass out a kit and go.  They even include picture directions.  Perfect for first graders.  OT has several different bag sets to choose from!  I went with these monkeys and the emoji hearts...I'll let the kids choose which one they want to make!  I am guessing the girls are going to flip for the emoji heart bags!  Click here to see all of the bags/boxes to choose from!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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