Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Favorite Winter Picture Books

In Late November, I shared my favorite December/Christmas picture books with you.  In case you missed that post, you can check it out by clicking HERE.  This month, I'll be sharing my favorite books for winter!  If I know of a great resource to go with each book, I've included pictures and links below them!  I do try to only link quality activities, so most of what I find will be paid items on TpT.  To order any of the books below, simply click the Amazon boxes.  *Affiliate Links*

Sneezy the Snowman-This is a fun book about Sneezy, a snowman, who is freeezing cold!  He tries various tactics to warm up.  The kids love finding out what makes Sneezy feel "just right!"  I've paired this book with a pack I just discovered from Teach, Love, and Iced Coffee.  It looks like a great little pack to teach cause/effect.  I especially like the written responses and retelling activities!  I can't wait to use this with my class on Friday!

Winter Wonderland-Part of National Geographic's "Picture the Seasons" series, this beautiful picture book takes kids through the season of winter and all the changes that go with it.  It's an excellent addition to your classroom library!  I am pairing this book with a bubble wrap snow tree from Arty Crafty Kids.  I know the kids would have a blast with bubble wrap!

image from Arty Crafty Kids
The Snowy Day-This ties with "Corduroy" for my favorite book of all time.  I remember reading it over and over again as a little girl.  As an adult, I love sharing it as a read-aloud with my first graders!  This is a CLASSIC that every teacher should have in their library!  I've paired it with a book companion by Michelle Oakes.  She's included seven days of lesson plans covering a plethora of skills to go with the book!

The Mitten by Jan Brett & The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt-Another great, timeless classic is "The Mitten!"  The kids love reading these books each winter.  Jan Brett's beautiful illustrations are captivating and we all enjoy predicting which animal will crawl into the mitten next!  Alvin Tresselt's version is older than Jan Brett's and slightly different, but enough the same to use as a compare/contrast activity.  I've paired this book with my "The Mitten" pack, which has activities for both Jan Brett's version and Alvin Tresselt's version, linked below.  The kids especially love the Venn Diagram activity as well as creating and writing about their own mittens with adjectives!  *Because I know you will ask, I've linked the large, Venn Diagram pocket chart below!*

Snow-Another beautiful book!  People don't think the snow will amount to anything in this story...until it starts to really add up.  Once that happens, everyone learns how to have fun and enjoy the beauty of snow.  I've paired it with this adorable (and free) "Catching Snowflakes on my Tongue" craft by A Year of Many Firsts.

Sleep Big Bear, Sleep-This is a cute, rhyming book about hibernation for Big Bear.  Old Man Winter keeps telling him to sleep, but Bear's hearing isn't the best...the kids will crack up seeing all the crazy things Big Bear *thinks* Old Man Winter is telling him to do!  For an online version on YouTube that could be a re-read, click HERE.  I've paired it with sequencing activity that I found on TpT.  I recommend this activity for pre-k or kindergarten.  It looks too simple for first grade.

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow-I remember reading this fun rebus/rhyming book during my student teaching days way back when!  I loved it at the time and it was one of the first books I bought for my classroom!  The kids love helping with reading aloud and the rebus pictures make it easy for them to do so!  This books lends itself to tons of sequencing activities!  

Snowballs-This is an adorable book about building snowmen and snow animals.  Lois Ehlert uses collage and a variety of unique objects to bring her snow creatures to life!  The kids always enjoy this book!  I've paired it with a fantastic art project by I Heart Crafty Things.  I can't wait to do this with my first graders next week!!!!

image by I Heart Crafty Things blog
There you have it!  A few of my most favorite books for winter!  Hope you found some new ones to add to your library!



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