Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Favorite Christmas Picture Books

During the month of December, I love incorporating fun holiday books into my lessons.  This year, it may be difficult, because we've adopted a Reading program that doesn't allow for ANYTHING extra.  It's so sad.  BUT, I'm committed to making time for those holiday favorites, even if it means straying from the curriculum for a little bit.  This is supposed to be the best time of year for the kids!  Today I'm sharing my top holiday picture books with you!  Each one has some sort of activity that I do with it.  I'm also linking the activities.  Some are free, some are paid, some are mine, some are not!  I've included all of the links for the books!  Enjoy!

Santa's Stuck-This is such a fun read about Santa getting stuck in the chimney!  It pairs nicely with this craft project from Crafty Bee Creations.  I've also created a free written response paper.  Students love writing about ways to get Santa out!

The Grinch-This is a holiday classic!  I love showing my kids the DVD after we've read the book.  It's great fun!  My students also create their own "Grinch."  I got this craft from Deanna Jump many years ago, and I believe it's since been removed from her store/website.  However, you could probably whip up your own template!  We always have some sort of snack with pudding, green candy canes, you could do green frosted cookies, green Jello, etc...

Gingerbread Friends-This is a favorite by Jan Brett.  I love her illustrations and the kids do, too!  It's fun to serve a gingerbread cookie after reading this!  My kids also make their own gingerbread men.  The craft is from Crafty Bee Creations and it is FREE.  Another extension with this project is to read several gingerbread man books and compare them on a large piece of butcher paper.  I've done that in the past and the kids have enjoyed reading the many different versions of the story!

The Polar Express-Such a classic!  Takes me back to my childhood and the days when my teachers read it to me as a little girl!  We love doing this craft by Falling Into First.  The kids also write about what they would give as the first gift of Christmas!  I love to leave each of my kids a jingle bell (and tell them it's from Santa) on their desks when they are at lunch the day we read this book.

How to Catch an Elf-This is a great book to read aloud if you have a classroom elf!  I love incorporating this book with my "But First...Let Me Take an Elfie" pack!!

The Littlest Elf-Since we're on the topic of elves, I had to share this book!  It is such a cute story, and again, goes along with the classroom elf.  It has a great message at the end!

Moosletoe-This is always a favorite!  The kids love seeing what Moose does with his mustache!  Be sure to grab this free craft!  If you're feeling real adventurous, check out this awesome art project!

A New Improved Santa-This is a great story about staying true to yourself and celebrating uniqueness!  The kids LOVE this book and the fun illustrations inside!

How Santa Got His Job-This is a fun read about how Santa became "Santa!"  I just found this free pack to go with the story and am looking forward to using it this year!!  I LOVE that the author of this pack created differentiated worksheets! 

For more Christmas ideas, click either of the pages below!!!!!!!



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