Tuesday, September 12, 2017

First Month Fun

Hi!  Late last month, I did a post highlighting what I do on the first day of school (We started August 14).  In case you missed it, you can read it HERE.  Today, I'm taking time to share a few other ideas of things that I did during the first month of school!

We read my favorite book of all time, "Corduroy."  We talked about friendship and what makes a good friend.  We wrote one another friendship notes found HERE and made an adorable Corduroy craft found HERE.

We read "Table Talk" and completed a cafeteria sort together after.  Find the sort HERE.

Each Friday, I selected (and will continue to do so all year) a "Superstar" of the week.  This is someone who has demonstrated excellent behavior and leadership.  We all make that person a picture (or write them a note later in the year) and I staple the cover to the front.  That child takes the book home!  The kids LOVE this!!!!!!!  Great incentive for good behavior.  Grab the book HERE.

The classroom library was opened!  We went over the library and my expectations for keeping it organized.  We made a list of "rules."  We watched Brain Pop Jr. about how to select books.  The kids went book shopping and chose 6 books for their baggies.  **They keep these books all week long and we shop again on each Friday.

We read "David Goes to School" and made these directed drawing Davids.  The kids always enjoy this project.  We do a program called PAX at my building, so we wrote about how David could be a PAX leader.  We brainstormed to make an anchor chart.  This could be adapted for your classroom---the center could say "A respectful student...or whatever you want.  Get the directions for the drawing HERE.  I love how they always turn out so unique! Adorable!

We read "Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker" and did a sort afterwards.  The kids wrote about one way they can be good listeners.  Find the sort and writing paper HERE.

We read "Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal."  This is great for discussing tattles vs. emergencies!  After reading, we did a sort that can be found HERE.  

Hope you found some fun ideas for your first few weeks/month of school!


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