Friday, June 9, 2017

Five for Friday 6.9.17

Are you familiar with Rodan and Fields?  I have been using it for about a year now and must say that it's amazing!  I use the Micro-dermabrasion Paste and Soothe Cream because I have KP on my upper arms.  KP is a skin condition that causes little red bumps.  They can be raised or flat.  They can itch sometimes.  My KP makes me really self-conscious.  Over my adult lifetime, I've tried all kinds of expensive products for it {even stuff from my dermatologist's office!} and NOTHING has worked until I tried Rodan and Fields.  I was obviously skeptical at first, but I stuck with the products and to my surprise, they worked!!!!  My arms have never looked clearer and I feel much more confident in tank tops and dresses now.  My consultant is Emily Yost, a former teacher, who I met through the blogging and TpT world.  She now does RF full time and is a great consultant!  If you're interested in checking out all of RF products, please look Emily up on Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a TPT sellers event in Cincinnati.  I got to meet Adam, the CEO of TPT and see Amy, "Director of Seller Happiness" again.  It was an awesome way to network with other sellers and great to find out about new happenings at TPT!  I wanted to take something for some friends and of course the TpT staff.  A local bakery near my house makes the most amazing sugar cookies.  She does custom orders, so naturally I had to go with green apples and the white "TPT" logo!  Below are a few photos from the day!  Recognize any faces?

The hubby and I have been back at it with our bike rides this summer.  Two summers ago, we purchased road bikes and began riding.  We never imagined that we would love it so much!  Bike riding is a fun way to spend time together and get great exercise at the same time.  We ride together 2-3 times a week in the summer.  Mr. Wheeler rides by himself the other days.  Because of my shoulder surgery, I can't do much more than 30 miles right now.  My shoulder is still recovering and tires out close to 20 miles.  I really have to push to get to 30!  Speaking of bike rides, did you see my last post about where I took my Scholastic Magazine?  You'll want to click HERE to read it because there's a BIG CONTEST involved that YOU could WIN!!!!!!!

Mr. Wheeler and I will be traveling to Jamaica soon!  I've been slowly packing--like super far in advance, because I want to be sure I remember everything!  Also, I love clothes and accessories and it takes me forever to pick out the perfect outfit and all the pieces to go with it!

I have been busy with my TpT products so far this summer.  Last summer we had a death in the family and traveled a lot so I felt like I didn't get much accompolished.  This summer, I'm determined to get back at it!  So far, I've created MANY {13} more "I Have, Who Has" seasonal/thematic vocabulary card games.  I love these games because they are almost zero prep and are great time fillers.  They are also excellent for building vocab in k-2 students.  I bundled all of my "I Have, Who Has" games to save you $3.00.  You can check them out by clicking the cover below.

In addition, I have been creating more "Seasonal/Thematic Parts of Speech Sorts."  It seems like kids can always use a refresher on nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  These simple parts of speech sorts feature clear picture cards with matching word cards.  Each set also includes an optional recording sheet.  I loved using these for a literacy center last year!  Grab the *growing* bundle below and save BIG!

Happy Weekend!


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