Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Attention Getters and Transitions

I just love using sounds for transitions in the classroom!  They are a way to gain students attention without shouting.  In my classroom, I use a few sounds.  Today I'll be sharing them with you!  *This post contains affiliate links.*

Chimes--This is how I call my kids to the carpet.  Every time.  I don't say a word; I just ding the chimes.  If I am across the room and I want the kids to come to the carpet, I ask a student to ring the chimes for me.  I purchased my chimes about 10 years ago, from a local lady whose husband makes them, but I have seen them on Amazon.

School bell/Doorbell-- I use my bell when I want the kids to clean up centers, quiet reading, inside recess, or any games/activities we may be doing in class.  Again, I do not say a peep; I just ring the bell.  Sometimes, I'll ask a student to ring it for me. This year, I'll be trying something new: a wireless doorbell!  The reason for this is because many times when I want my class to clean up, I am across the room and the bell is on my desk.  I like the idea of clipping the doorbell button on my name badge so it's on me for whenever I need it.  Anything to free up more time in the day is good with me!  

Click to see the doorbell in use!!!!!!


            Click the images below/links to grab one for yourself:  


Push bell--I use this when I'd like kids to come to the front of the room.  This is a nice option to have, because sometimes I {and they} get tired of sitting on the carpet.  We come to the front of the room when we are watching a Brain Pop, or doing something on my large white board.

In addition to my fun "toys," I also use attention-grabbers.  These are quick and fun callbacks that I do with my class. The kids love them!  I teach them these the first few weeks of school.  You can grab them by clicking the cover page below.  If you are short on space, print two to a page for smaller posters.

I have found these transitions to be instrumental {no pun intended} in making my days smooth.  They are great for auditory learners and save you a lot of unnecessary talking/raising your voice!  



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