Saturday, May 6, 2017

End of the Year Gifts

Hard to believe we are in May and the year will be over in 13.5 days.  I feel ripped off because I missed 12 weeks of school due to shoulder surgery this year!  I'm sad but am also relieved I can continue to recover during the summer.  We will be traveling to Jamaica, Minnesota, and Florida this summer.  I live for traveling!!!!!!!!  What are your plans?  How many days do you have left?

Today's post is about what I did for my kids for their end of the year gifts.  I usually do something but this year I did a little extra because I only had 15 kids and because they went through a lot when I was out...multiple subs somehow were in my room and it was crazy for a bit.  Also, they were so good for all the subs!

Each spring, I make my kids summer review packs.  I teach in a low-socioeconomic Title I school and many times parents will ask what they can do to help at home.  This pack of literacy and math pages ensures the kids get some extra practice reviewing man of the concepts they learned in first grade.  It also has some fun things included!!!  Click below to check it out!

With the above pack, I add some extra school supplies that I have. I don't like storing all those extra school supplies because in the fall when the new students come, I get so many more.  You know how it goes!  Space is a dime a dozen in my room!  All my money goes to my classroom and it's full!  Because of where I teach, I get to shop at Crayons 2 Classrooms.  This is a non-profit organization that helps low-income schools.  I shop twice a year and can pick out supplies for my room.  The company YOOBI always donates these huge boxes full of pencil bags and cute supplies to go inside. So generous!  Thank you, YOOBI!  I save my YOOBI box for the end of the year and throw it in with the extra school supplies I give my kids.  They love it!

In addition, I give every child a Junie B. Jones book.  I order them with my Scholastic Books points, so these are free!  If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I die for Junie B. Jones books!  I've been reading them every day after recess for 14 years {began during student teaching thanks to my awesome mentor!}.  The kids LOVE getting a book!!!  I let them trade so they can get exactly what they want.  *Below is me reading Junie B aloud to my VERY FIRST CLASS back in 2004!  How's that for a throwback?!?  Hahaha!

This year, I also decided to give out water bottles.  I saw a post by @learningwithmisslagrow on Instagram {you should follow her if you don't already!} and loved the bottles she made for her kids! She sells the vinyl decals for around $1.00 per name, depending on the sizes of the names.  If you just want one for a teacher gift or yourself, it's $5.00.  Shipping is a few dollars.  If you contact her via direct message on Instagram, she can whip up a set for your kids!  I went to an actual Dollar Tree store to get the little water bottles a few weeks ago.  If you don't have one near you, you can always pick out bottles HERE.  Not sure if they still have the mini ones or not, but they do have a variety of sizes and styles.  I think I am going to add some snacks or something to the inside of them.  Ashley has an awesome FB page that you can check out, called "Vintage and Shine Designs."  If you order, be sure to tell her Mrs. Wheeler sent you!  *I was in such a rush when I made these and wasn't thinking...I put them on horizontal when they should have been vertical.  I can't believe it!  However, I think the kids will still love them!

I also give them each a few pieces of sidewalk chalk with a cute tag attached from Teaching in the Tongass.  This will give them something fun to do outside at their house!  This is a great gift if you don't want to break the bank.  You can get the chalk at Wal-Mart, Target, Meijer, or I've linked some below.


I'll also give my kids an end-of-the year award.  I usually use some I bought off TPT many years ago, but this year, I think I am going to buy some at a local teacher supply store for a few dollars.

So all in all, these gifts look like A LOT and they are A LOT, however, I only spent $15 on water bottles.  I was given the labels by Ashley in exchange for a blog post.  The sidewalk chalk was about $10.  The labels were free.  The YOOBI box was free.  The Junie B. Jones books were free.  What ideas do you have for end of the year gifts?  All in all, I spent about $25 plus snacks if I add them to the water bottles.  What ideas do you have for end of the year gifts?  Share them below!



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