Monday, May 8, 2017

10 Favorite Guided Reading Supplies

Hi, everyone!  I hope you've had the chance to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my Guided Reading series!  Today's post is about my top 10 favorite Guided Reading supplies.  These items have been my go-to for years now!  I'm linking everything up for you so you can grab them if you wish!

1.  Flashlight Fingers-This are excellent for tracking print.  Perfect for your beginning readers.  A little novelty always helps!  I'll pull these out on occasion {usually on Fridays}.    Click HERE to get yourself some!!!  Just $8 for a set of 40.

2.  Tracking Strips-I love using these everyday in groups.  They are, however, very expensive.  I purchased a bundle for a decent price a few years ago.  Now I see the price has gone up.  My students' parents really like these.  They are awesome for students with ADHD and dyslexia.  Research shows that with those who have either condition, text can appear to them as blurry or moving on the page. The overlay helps them see the text much clearer.  I like the line-by-line strips because it allows the children to focus in on just one line at a time vs. the overwhelming element of the whole page.  Click HERE to get a set for your groups!

3.  Large Totes-I use these to store all my Guided Reading materials by skill.  Below is a photo of the ones that I use.  These are by Sterilite and I get them at Target.

4.  Magnetic Letters and/or Letter Tiles-My beginning readers use magnetic letters or letter tiles several times a week for making words activities.  I love the set of magnetic letters shown below because they made the vowels red and the consonants blue.  Grab the magnetic letters HERE.  A great investment for your classroom.   I have had the letter tiles for 13 years but I found some similar ones HERE.  Another alternative would be Scrabble letters.

5.  PD Books-Always good to know your stuff, right?!  Below are my two favorites for Guided Reading.  I referenced these in my last post, as well.  Click each cover to check it out!

This book was my GO TO when I first began teaching 13 years ago.  I still have it!  I see they have just come out with a second edition, and it's on my wish list!

And just recently, Jan Richardson has come out with a new one!  Lots of reading for me this summer!

6.  Book Buddy Bags-I LOVE these!  I order them from Creative Teaching Press every year.  I only use them with my beginning readers {levels AA-E}.  I typically work on 2-3 books per week with those little ones, because they need exposure to MANY books on their level and need that extra practice. After we've read the book in class, it goes in their baggie.  Their requirement for the night is to read the newest book we've read along with 2 old ones.  They choose which old ones to read.  I let about 8 books build up in the bag before collecting them and we begin adding more as we read them.  This helps them gain confidence as readers by becoming fluent with their books.  The kids and parents both love this system.  And as far as kids "losing books," it rarely happens.  Grab a set HERE.  

7.  Post-It-Notes-I use these a lot for background building at the start of lessons.  When we're getting ready to look at a new book, I'll ask the kids a question and they will write a {usually} one-word response on the post it with a picture.  For example, I might have a new book ready that's all about the zoo.  I'll ask the kids to write/draw an animal that lives in the zoo.  Or, if our book is about helping at home, I'll ask them to write a little something about how they help.  It's a quick way to collect our thoughts and build some background.  These are also great for quick checks/exit slips at the end of our group time.  I also use THESE exit slips as well.

8.  Portable Light/Light Switch-This is hanging behind my Guided Reading table.  I turn it on when we have groups.  The kids who are not meeting with me know that unless it's an absolute emergency, they can not interrupt.  It's a great visual reminder.  Many times, kids will come up to the table and I'll point or they will see the light and remember they need to problem solve on their own and walk away. Grab one HERE.  

9.  Mini Dry Erase Boards/Erasers/Markers-Just like the magnetic letters/word tiles, we use these dry erase boards often in groups.  I purchased the mini ones a few years ago and love them.  I used to have the large ones, but they were too bulky for 6 year old hands!!  I also love the mini-erasers that I have.  Just right!  Get some HERE.   *Mine are not the reversable, magnetic ones, but I am thinking about getting a set just for guided reading time {maybe a set of 4 or 6}.

10. Highlighters-These are great for use with worksheets or Reading A to Z books, where kids can mark in them.  We use highlighters to search for word chunks that we know.  Having those chunks "pop out" helps kids with their decoding.  *If you only have actual books for Guided Reading, highlight tape is an alternative to highlighters, however, it's very expensive, but it can be re-used over and over.  Get highlight tape HERE.

There you have it!  My top 10 favorites!  What supplies are a "must" for you during Guided Reading time?


*This post contains several affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase any item shown in this post, I receive a small compensation for it.


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