Saturday, May 27, 2017

5 for Friday 5.26.17

Last week, we did some fun end of the year/summer activities.  These came in very handy as I was doing some organizing in my classroom!  The kids colored/cut/and did a sight word hunt in my "Summer Mini-Book."  I love a mini-book!

They did a "Top 10 summer To-Do list" as well as a parts of speech sort from Teaching with Love and Laughter.  Such a great review!  They really struggled with verbs/adjectives this year.

They created their First Grade Memory book.  This is in my TpT store.  I LOVE what they came up with as their favorite memory.  Brought tears to my eyes!  "Seeing my classmates every day..." & "Seeing Mrs. Wheeler..."

My teammate brought me this fun mug for no reason because she knows I love donuts and esp. chocolate iced with sprinkles!!  Isn't it so cute?!?!

I got a new tee from Missy Lulu's {@missyluluscustom on Instagram} to wear on the last day of school!  I love it!  The color is perfect and the font is amazing.  She has tons of colors to choose from!  If you decide to order one, please tell her I sent you!

I teach in a low-income, Title I school.  I can probably count on one hand the number of gifts I've received for anything over the past 13 years.  My kids always feel so badly that they can't bring me anything.  I tell them the only gift I need is good behavior!  On the last day, I also tell them they can leave me a free gift: a note!  I let them each write me a message on the board.  I don't look while they are writing them...I wait until after they leave.  It's always so emotional reading their messages!!  I love doing this!  *The "mixs feeling" one cracked me up because I was telling the kids that teachers are always sad and happy on the last day.  I explained how that's called having mixed feelings.  LOL!

Speaking of gifts, my kids were THRILLED with their gifts!!!!!!!!!!  See what I gave them by clicking HERE.

Just like that, year 13 is over!  Just one more work day left on Tuesday!  Have a great weekend, friends!

Mrs. Wheeler


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