Friday, March 24, 2017

Five for Friday 3.23.17

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday!!

Hi, friends!  I'm coming to you from the ROAD TO RECOVERY!!!!!  As many of you know, I had shoulder debridement surgery 11 weeks ago.  I was healing ok and then things went South.  My shoulder started to freeze up and I was in excruciating pain.  I pushed through therapy but it just made things worse.  Finally, my PT tried dry needling on me and WOW-did it hurt!  But WOW-did it WORK!  Everything was so tense from my surgery and my various muscles compensating for the 8 months before my surgery {I tend to wait until things get real bad to do anything about them....}. Luckily, I was FINALLY cleared to return to work on Monday!  Woo Hoo!!  Still dealing with discomfort and I have to continue PT for awhile, but I will take it!

And because I'm heading back to work, I ordered a few new things for my classroom, like this bag of 100 dice!  Don't you love the colors?  These are great for my Math Games on the Fly!  If you'd like to grab yourself a big bag of dice, click HERE!

I had PT on St. Patrick's Day last week, so I took my awesome therapist a little shamrock plant and some fun earrings!  I just love buying presents for others!  It makes me feel so good!

I also stopped at a local coffee place and got a green tea {festive, right?} and I had to use my rainbow coozie from my bestie Missy Squirrels!

Because I couldn't wear my fun St. Patrick's Day stuff to work, I wore it to PT instead.

I started reading a new book and it's SO good!  If you haven't read it, you must get it!  Grab it HERE!  It's perfect for teachers with all levels of experience.  

April is National Poetry Month!  Can you believe April is right around the corner?!?!  Do you teach your kids how to write poetry?  I teach my first graders and it's SO MUCH FUN!  You can check out how I teach it HERE and grab my best-selling poetry unit below!

Have a great weekend!


angie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm curious about the dry needling. I had shoulder surgery in November with rotator cuff, labrum tear, and arthritis- that I didn't know I had until all the shoulder stuff started! Did PT before and after surgery but now starting to have stiffness and some pain. Ugh! I'm dreading going back.

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