Monday, February 27, 2017

Geometry Ideas

Geometry is one of my favorite areas to teach during Math time.  I like to incorporate as many engaging, hands-on activities as possible.  Today's post is dedicated to sharing some ideas of things I've used in the past.  Hopefully you will find one or two ideas to take back to your own classroom.

I always begin reviewing 2D shapes with my kids.  It's been a year since they've really talked about them and let's face it, the activities for 2D shapes that I have are super fun!

First up are these differentiated pattern block mats from Little Kinder Warriors.  These are great to put out for exploration.  I usually sprinkle them around the room and have my kids rotate so they get to try all of the mats.

Next up are these shape monsters from Primary Graffiti.  The kids are obsessed with making these!  I also have them do a little writing to go with their monsters.

These little geometry puzzle cards are a great way for kids to practice taking shapes and turning them into different shapes.  I got them from Kindergarten Nerd Herd a few years back.

We make 2D shapes out of toothpicks and label them.  We also make shapes on our Geo-boards with rubber bands.

We build 2D shapes with gumdrops and toothpicks and complete the matching recording sheet.

We sort picture cards under the correct 2D shape name.

After about a week or so, I transition into teaching about 3D shapes.  Food is always involved!

We compare 3D shapes using a Venn Diagram and these cards.

More toothpick fun!  Using play-doh to create 3D shapes this time!

We made mini-books to review all the 3D shapes we've learned about.

We played many fun games that are minimal or no-prep!

We completed another sort like the one above, but this time 3D shapes were reviewed.

As a final review, we play this fun game {FREEBIE}!  Click the cover to get it,


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