Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine's Day with Oriental Trading

I just love celebrating Valentine's Day with my students!  It's such a crazy day but the kids seriously die for those little cards.  Some of my fondest memories of grade school are of me looking through my cards 100 times over once I returned home from school on the day of our Valentine party.  This year, I've teamed up with Oriental Trading to show you a few new ideas for your party!

In years past, I've had kids make bags with me in class.  It was always a lot of fun, but a big hassle to cut patterns, construction paper and especially to buy the bags...I used to buy solid color gift bags and those puppies are expensive!  It was also chaotic trying to help the kids make the bags and then of course we had to wait for them to dry.  Needless to say, I was so excited to find some pre-made kids from OT this year!  I chose owls and dogs.  I figure the kids can choose which they'd like to make. The kits come with directions/a picture, a bag, and self-adhesive foam pieces to assemble the animals.  I know my class will flip when they see these!

In addition to these bags, I also picked up some Valentine cups for our party.  These will be fun to serve milk out of.  I also grabbed some trinkets like these fun Peanuts balls to add to the kids' goodie bags...I'm a sucker for making my kids goodie bags!

The last thing I got from OT were these ADORABLE tiny dominoes in.......wait for it.......a cute Valentine velcro pouch!!!!!!  There were 12 in the set for $9.99.  I can't decide if I will let the kids take them home or if I will keep them for future years...the hoarder in me wants to keep them...but my cabinets are saying to gift them to the kids!  We'll be using them to write addition sentences with the differentiated pages from my "Math Games on the Fly: Addition" pack, which you can check out below.  Love that I can challenge my advanced students with these, too!  Can't wait!!!!  Grab the FREE PRINTABLE BY CLICKING HERE!

*You can check out all of the Valentine's Day goodies on Oriental Trading's website!

*Disclaimer: I was compensated for these items by Oriental Trading.  However, the contents of this blog post are my own thoughts.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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