Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Centers for January/Winter

It's winter!  And the year is halfway over!  Woo Hoo!  Time certainly does fly, doesn't it?!?!  Now that we've gotten over the hurdle of getting our kids to learn how to be students/behave/begin to read/etc, we are smooth-sailing!  For centers in January, I continue to use the same model that I've used before.  *You can read more about that HERE.*  However, the kids are much more independent now and it makes center time time sooo much easier!  Almost all of my center activities come with optional recording sheets.  Up until now, we didn't usually get to them because of time constraints.  Starting in January, I know my kids will be zipping through their centers and have time for the extended practice with the recording sheets.

I love using my New Year Centers and Winter Centers packs.  Heck, I love all of my center packs!!! Hahaha!  As I got ready for this week, I pulled out said centers and chose 5 for the kids to work on.  Below, I've shown you some of my favorites from the two packs:

New Year Sentence Scramble-Sentence scrambles are excellent practice for kids...they work on so many skills...decoding, sight words, punctuation, capital letters, self-correcting, etc, etc, etc!  Add some New Year sentences and clip art for the icing on the cake!

New Year ABC Order-ABC order is a life skill, people!  Throughout life, many tasks require putting things in abc order.  Even though we don't use phone books like we did when I was a kid, putting things in alphabetical order is still important--in my opinion!  In my classroom, there is almost always an abc order center every week from January through the end of the year.

New Year Sight Word Game-We're onto list 1c of the Fry's Sight Word Lists!  This fun sight word game has kids reading sight words as well as adding and subtracting!  The goal of the game is to try to have the most stars and keep them!!!

Common and Proper Noun Sort-We'll continue to review these...before break, I noticed my kids were having a really hard time grasping this concept, so throwing in a center to review it is perfect!

New Year Sight Blends Game-Blends can be hard for many students, especially those with language delays.  This Spin n' Cover game is perfect for practicing those tricky blends!

Winter Listening Center {The listening center is a weekly staple!}-See my thoughts on the listening center and grab some free recording sheets for the listening center HERE.

Winter Singular and Plural Noun Sort

Winter Sentence Scramble

To check out  all of the activities shown above, click each picture below.  To get a year-long bundle of ALL my centers and save $$$, click the picture below!



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