Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Ideas

Hi, friends!  Thanksgiving is next week and we are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY in first grade!  Once we get through this week, we have the week of Thanksgiving off!  Last year was our first year for it and it was pretty awesome!  We don't get a "Fall Break" so I guess this is our version of it!  Today's post is all about some ideas for Thanksgiving that I have done in the past {or am doing this year!}.

We had a field trip this week to a park that teaches kids all about life long ago with many awesome hands-on experiences.  I always look forward to it!  The kids have such a wonderful time!

Pilgrim Days are my *favorite* days of the year!  I love being able to provide my students with an authentic experience about what was like for pilgrim children long ago.  This is a great pack to use the few days leading up to Thanksgiving break.  See more about Pilgrim Days HERE.

On of my favorite things to do for Pilgrim Days is set up stations for the kids.  This ensures everyone gets a chance to do all of the activities.  If you have parent volunteers that can come in, go for it! Here are some stations that I've done in the past:

1.  Write on chalkboards--Kids can write each other's names, practice spelling words, or practice Math facts on their boards!  Grab some similar chalkboards below!  6 to a pack.


2.  Play Pilgrim Games--Games like "naughts and crosses" aka tic-tac-toe, telling jokes/riddles, and even tag, hide/seek, hula hoop, and hopscotch {to be done in the gym or outdoors} are fun for kids!!!

3.  Hunt and Gather--Prepare bags for your kids {lunch bags and provided labels} and hide the food cards around the room.  The girls will be gathering and the boys will be hunting...just like they did long ago!  You could hold a contest to see who can find the most!

4.  Comparing pilgrim boys to pilgrim girls--This T-chart is a good review after we read/discuss two awesome books, Sarah Morton's Day and Samuel Eaton's Day.  Each one is about the life of pilgrim children and their roles.  The language is tricky for kids, so I do have to reword a large portion of the books.  The illustrations are outstanding, however!


The above activities and many more can be found below!

This year, as a grade level, we'll be rotating rooms on Friday and doing an activitiy with our kids in each room.  I'm doing the story of the First Thanksgiving.  I'll be using the free "Thanksgiving Story Bracelet" freebie from Fluttering Through First Grade.  We'll read a story, read the printable, and make our bracelets out of chenille stems and pony beads.  Looking forward to it!  I haven't done this activity in years!  *Click the image below to get the free printables.  *Shout out to Mr. Wheeler who sorted ALL those pony beads for me!

On Monday we made Kindergarten Smiles' Pilgrim Children craft once again!  It always goes perfectly with "Pilgrim Days."

My kids will be working on my Thanksgiving Literacy Centers during center time.  We will also play a few of the games included during guided reading.

For Math on Friday, we will do the Turkey Number Grid page from Lil Country Librarian.  Grab it by clicking below for just $1.00.

If I can find time, I might make my students these fun Turkey Cupcakes!  I made them last year and they loved them!

We might also squeeze in one more craft!!  My kids haven't used watercolors yet this year so I might break them out!  I'll add in some persuasive writing from my Thanksgiving Writing Pack!

What fun things are you doing?!?!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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