Monday, November 7, 2016

Scholastic Magazines

I've always been a fan of Scholastic News.  It's a staple in my first grade classroom.  I love that Scholastic News puts grade-appropriate text into the hands of my first graders.  I also love the rich content and photographs included.  Scholastic News provides teachers with access to informational text that helps prepare students for state tests.  Each week, Scholastic gives teachers the opportunity to expose students to a highly-engaging, nonfiction or seasonal topic.  There's also a fabulous online component which features videos, learning games, and MUCH more!

There are many ways to incorporate Scholastic News into your current curriculum.  I've partnered up with Scholastic Magazines to share some ideas with you!  Disclosure: I was contacted by Scholastic to review Scholastic News and I am being compensated for sharing this information with you. However, all the thoughts and words in this blog post are my own true opinions on this product.

Today, I'll be featuring the November edition of Scholastic News for 1st Grade, specifically the "My Mayflower" piece.  I was thrilled to see this in the November set!  It goes right along with my November curriculum of teaching children about Pilgrims and life long ago.  Here's how I utilized this awesome resource in my first grade classroom!

On our first day, to build prior some background knowledge, I began with a video found through the online component on Scholastic's website, which was all about Thanksgiving.  I love the simplicity and age-appropriateness of this video {and so did my students!}.  The video is a great way to begin the unit. Next, my students and I previewed the vocabulary that I also found on the website. Previewing vocab prior to launching a unit of study is a great way to front load for kids!  Once we had some background, it was time to check out our Scholastic News!  The kids absolutely LOVE having their own "magazine," as they call it, to hold.  We read through the issue together and had a discussion.  *I love that Scholastic includes a large, teacher edition of the newspaper.  I like to place this on my easel so the kids can easily see what page we are on while reading.  I also keep these so they can go back and "play school" by looking through the older issues with plastic pointers.*  To make a connection to the Pilgrim children on the Mayflower, each student got their own "diary." Each day during our unit of study, the kids wrote in their diaries about whatever they wanted.  *They really enjoyed this!*

For our second day, we re-read the issue and completed the multiple choice questions on the back. We also spent some time as Pilgrim children!  We did things the Pilgrim children did long ago...we made butter, played Pilgrim games, and practiced our sight words on chalk boards.  I may or may not have dressed up like a Pilgrim, also.....Hahaha!

We also did a little writing about why we think life as a Pilgrim would have been difficult.  You can grab that free printable HERE.  I also wrapped up our unit by having the kids complete the "Reading Checkpoint," which I found in the online component of Scholastic News.  This was a great assessment tool.  I liked that it also had a Spanish version, as do all the printables in the online component section!

Here are some great books to supplement this unit:

The Littlest Pilgrim by Brandi Daughetry

If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 by Ann McGovern
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